Exploring Tả Phìn village in Sapa

Exploring Tả Phìn village in Sapa


Discover Tả Phìn Village in Sapa, a small and simple village located in Tả Phìn district of Lào Cai province. This place would be a great destination in the summer if you are looking for a private hideaway to escape the city’s pollution and noise.

Where is Tả Phìn Village?

Tả Phìn Village is a remote village in Tả Phìn commune, located about 13km northeast of the center of Sapa town. This place has a peaceful and pristine beauty like a country girl in the mountains, making any visitor reluctant to say goodbye.

When is the best time to visit Tả Phìn?

The best time to visit Tả Phìn – Sapa is from late August to mid-September. This is when the terraced fields are covered in a sparkling yellow color and enter the golden harvest season.

In addition, you can also visit Tả Phìn in April to admire the waterfall season or from October to December to hunt for beautiful and floating clouds.


3. How to get to Ta Phin?

To get here, you can rent a motorbike or call a taxi right in the center of Sapa. Then, start the journey of more than 13km to explore this pristine village.

Unlike the roads leading to famous destinations such as Cat Cat, Ta Van or Y Linh Ho, the road to Ta Phin is a difficult and challenging one even for skilled drivers.

You will have to go through many steep and rocky slopes, overcome narrow roads with just enough space for one car to pass, and the opposite car has to cling to the mountain wall. Therefore, be careful and keep a steady hand on the steering wheel if you want to conquer this perilous road.

4. Ta Phin’s terraced fields:

Terraced fields are not only an agricultural cultivation method in the northern mountainous provinces. But also a breathtaking landscape that attracts many tourists from afar.

Standing from above and admiring the panoramic picture created by resilient hands. You will forget all your worries when you are fully immersed in this peaceful land.


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