Learn about the markets in Sapa

Learn about the markets in Sapa


Your trip to the foggy country will really lose half of its perfect if not mentioning the culture of the ethnic minorities here. One of them is to explore the markets in Sapa with the tradition of fairs and a variety of activities to exchange goods, buy and sell agricultural products and even charm the young men and women of the village.

Visit the famous Sapa market:

Special of Sapa market

Sapa Market was originally a trading place for local people with a wide range of daily necessities being sold openly and widely here. Different from the fairs of the ethnic people living in the villages in the middle of the mountains and forests of the Northwest, Sapa market owns a more spacious space with a spacious scale and a large area with 2 airy and clean floors. , ensure to provide enough stall area for small businesses.

What does Sapa market have?

Going to Sapa market, tourists often buy typical agricultural products of Sapa such as buffalo meat, hill chicken, cat cabbage, cat apple, dried bamboo shoots, artichoke flowers or bath medicine of the Red Dao people.


Right below the first floor is an area selling traditional medicine, dry goods with a variety of products such as: tam ventricular, Red Dao bath medicine, artichokes, shiitake mushrooms, dried bamboo shoots… In which, Red Dao bathing medicine is well known. for women after giving birth, is sought after by many tourists.


The central market area on the second floor is a place to sell clothes, thick shoes, brocades, traditional medicines, souvenirs… Behind is the area selling meat, fish, and vegetables in Sapa. The second floor is also an area for selling traditional brocade products such as towels, hats, clothes, wallets, key chains, etc. The delicate art of embroidery is shown through every needle and thread of Hmong girls and people. Knife.


Other must-visit markets

Sapa Night Market

Located next to Sapa new market, Sapa night market is open from 18:00 to 23:30 from Friday to Sunday every week On every weekend, Sa Pa night market is colorful with the stalls of the H’mong and Red Dao people. You can find unique handicrafts bearing the colors of the highland ethnic people such as brocade, khèn, flute, silver jewelry, bronze, goatskin drum…


The most prominent feature that attracts visitors is the food chain parallel to the row of stalls right in the Sapa night market. The cuisine here is mainly attractive grilled dishes such as: skewers, vegetable rolls with meat, lam rice, legs, chicken wings, corn, potatoes, cassava …

Sapa town market – Sapa typical market

Meeting every Saturday night, Sapa town market is the market of the Dao and H’Mong people. In this Sapa fair, people will buy, sell and exchange local goods with each other. Some typical goods can be mentioned such as: brocade products, towels, shoulder bags, bracelets, clothes, wallets, etc.


In particular, this is also a time for young men and women in Sapa to meet, date, sing and love each other. The sound of the flute and the flute sounding through the songs will surely captivate you in a few seconds of listening.

Bac Ha Fair – The largest Sapa fair

The largest market in the Northwest, the market is held every Sunday. Coming to this fair, you will immediately encounter the colorful traditional costumes of the H’Mong, Dao, etc. Bac Ha market is also a famous Sapa food market selling a variety of products from food, brocade products to ornamental plants, cattle and poultry. You can slowly experience and discover interesting things in this traditional market.


Usually around 2pm, Bac Ha market will close and reschedule the next Sunday market. Therefore, you should take the time to visit you!

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