Learn more about the red Dao people’s bathing leaves in Sapa

Learn more about the red Dao people’s bathing leaves in Sapa


The Red Dao are an ethnic group scattered in the northern mountainous areas of Vietnam, most often in Sapa. Therefore, the bathing leaves of the Red Dao people are also produced and processed the most in this locality. Sapa is a foggy town with cool weather all year round, very suitable for the growth of some herbs.

According to research, in the postpartum bathing leaves of the Red Dao people there are up to 120 different medicinal herbs. In which, there are about 39 main medicines and 10 irreplaceable medicines.


Some medicinal herbs that are easily seen in the bath leaves of the Red Dao people include:

Umbrella: Support to treat cold, fever, cough and sore throat symptoms.

Dandelion: Effective in treating headaches, and joint pain.

Old man flower plant: Effectively cures back pain

Elderberry: Treatment of rheumatism and inflammatory skin diseases, boils.

Licorice: Effective in treating skin diseases such as inflammation, fungus.

Some other herbs have the effect of relaxing, clearing meridians, circulating blood, treating skin diseases.

Uses of water after giving birth to Red Dao people:

The Red Dao people often use herbs that are good for the skin such as honeysuckle, dill, cassava leaves, male kingpin, star fruit … to make bath water. Since the first part that the bath water comes into contact with, the effect is through the skin cells. In addition to herbs that are good for the skin, the Red Dao people often appear herbs that are good for bones and joints such as: terroir, millennium, apple bar, cypress, forest peach, tam blood, guise leaf. , new precious…. Some experts believe that these medicines are the secret to helping the Red Dao people have good health. Elderly people can also climb passes and wade streams easily, but do not often suffer from joint pain like the elderly in other areas. The pot of bath leaves of the Red Dao people is very good for the skin. With many useful ingredients, it can help the skin become firm, smooth. It also stimulates blood circulation under the skin so that the skin is always rosy, healthy.


The gentle fragrance of the Northwest mountains emanating from the bath leaves of the Red Dao people will help you to have a relaxed and comfortable spirit. In the process of soaking, the useful nutrients in the bath water will go deep into the body, stimulating the blood circulation so that it can become refreshing, comfortable, and reduce fatigue. It also helps you have a deep sleep, better energy regeneration. For people who are suffering from skin diseases, using Dao Do bath leaves is a way to disinfect and remove unpleasant odors on the skin. It will help the wounds on the skin to heal faster. The regular and proper use of Red Dao bath leaves also gives the skin a pleasant but equally attractive herbal fragrance. In the leaves of Dao Do bath, there are many herbs that have the ability to reduce joint pain, support the treatment of diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, herniated disc, spinal degeneration, osteoporosis, sciatica, osteoarthritis. Therefore, people who suffer from frequent joint pain, loss of appetite, and insomnia because of pain can use Dao Do bath leaves to relieve pain and improve their condition.

Who should not use Red Dao bath leaves?

Red Dao bathing leaves have become a special “specialty” in famous tourist destinations in the northern mountainous region. When coming to tourist destinations in these provinces, visitors cannot help but experience the medicinal leaf bath of the Red Dao people. It will help them quickly eliminate the feeling of fatigue and discomfort after a day of sightseeing and constant movement. At the same time, giving the body a feeling of relaxation and comfort for a more enjoyable journey. In addition to bathing at tourist spots, many tourists also buy packages of dried Dao Do bath leaves to use at home. This is considered a simple way of health care, helping to dispel stress and pressure with absolutely no side effects. However, not everyone is advised to use Dao Do bath leaves. For the following subjects, the use of bath leaves can lead to some negative effects. That is: People who are drunk with alcohol, stimulants, can’t control their behavior. Women who are pregnant or are in the menstrual cycle, the body is weak People who are allergic to any ingredient of Red Dao bath leaves…. In addition, if you are bathing in leaves and feel unbalanced or sleepy, you should stop immediately. Then, rest for 15-20 minutes to let the body return to normal. If traveling in Sapa, come to Halosa Spa for an interesting experience

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