Sapa massage

Halosa Spa – a place to heal the soul.

Ngày 14-12-2023

Halosa Spa is likened to a paradise for dreamers - a heavenly retreat amidst the heart of Sapa. Upon arrival, you can indulge in the sensation of harmonizing with nature,...

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Top 5 salmon restaurants in Sapa to try at least once.

Ngày 08-12-2023

When visiting the Sapa region, you cannot miss out on the "salmon" here that will enchant you with their exquisite flavors. Let's explore some renowned places to try salmon in...

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The wonders of massage and acupressure on the foot area.

Ngày 28-11-2023

Acupressure points on the feet have a close relationship with various internal organs. Therefore, mastering the foot acupressure points chart will help you easily massage and promote blood circulation, improve...

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Top 5 Modern Spa Facilities in Sapa

Ngày 13-11-2023

Exploring the mystical land of Sapa is not only a journey to discover its magnificent natural beauty but also an opportunity to indulge in relaxation at luxurious spas. These establishments...

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5 habits that can easily lead to neck and shoulder pain, and muscle stiffness

Ngày 07-11-2023

Neck and shoulder pain is a discomforting condition characterized by soreness in the neck and shoulder area. This condition can originate from very simple daily habits. 1. Incorrect sitting posture:...

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How does foot massage help relieve tension?

Ngày 23-10-2023

Foot massage has a significant impact on our health. If you're feeling achy all over, gently massaging your feet can help. In just a few minutes, you'll feel healthier and...

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Top 10 best spas in Sapa

Ngày 17-10-2023

1. Halosa Spa: Halosa Spa is a professional and upscale establishment that combines harmoniously the massage techniques of both Europe and Asia, along with the herbal ingredients from the Sapa...

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The benefits of foot massage.

Ngày 12-10-2023

Foot massage is a manual technique that uses the hands to gently knead the soft tissues of the feet, helping manage and alleviate severe pain, tension, and fatigue, and promoting...

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Halosa Spa – The ultimate relaxation destination in Sapa

Ngày 28-09-2023

Are you looking for a place to unwind your body and mind after days of hectic work? Halosa Spa is the perfect choice for you to take a break, regain...

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5 distinct types of tea found only in Northern Vietnam

Ngày 27-09-2023

Northern Vietnam is not only a place where majestic nature converges but also a treasure trove of unique tea flavors. The high mountain regions have cultivated a rare collection of...

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