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Halosa Sapa – A haven for relaxation and pure enjoyment

Ngày 11-07-2024

Nestled amidst the enchanting town of Sapa, Halosa Sapa emerges as a haven of tranquility, offering a harmonious blend of Lounge, Spa, and Massage services. This exquisite sanctuary promises to...

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What ingredients make the special touch for the Northwest feast at Halosa Restaurant?

Ngày 05-12-2023

The Northwest feast at Halosa Restaurant brings together all the elements: the culture, the people, and the nature of the Northwestern region, leaving a lasting impression on diners. The unique...

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Top 5 foot massage places to try in Sapa.

Ngày 19-10-2023

Foot massage involves manual techniques using hands to gently knead the soft tissues of the feet, aiding in managing and alleviating intense pain, tension, fatigue, and promoting both physical and...

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Ngày 29-08-2023

In Vietnam, bamboo is a simple type of plant that is closely intertwined with the lives of the people. In spas, bamboo massage is a therapy that helps you absorb...

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Ngày 22-08-2023

Have you ever experienced those spine-tingling pressures that make you want to leave the office immediately and head to a spa for some relief? However, there's always that worry... not...

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What should you eat when you come to Sapa?

Ngày 22-08-2023

There is more than one reason for Sapa to become a top destination for travel enthusiasts. Sapa's unique, exotic, and delicious specialties are so captivating that they can make tourists...

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The Essence of Sapa’s Culture in the Unique Bathtub Soaking Experience

Ngày 18-08-2023

The bathtub experience in Sapa is not merely about enjoying relaxation and relieving stress but also encapsulates the essence of the unique culture of this region. The perfect blend of...

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The beautiful scenery in Sapa is not to be missed

Ngày 11-04-2023

Sapa attracts countless tourists with its beautiful and peaceful attractions, as well as its extremely hospitable locals. Immersed in the floating clouds, the town of Sapa appears like a city...

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Spring in Sapa

Ngày 08-04-2023

Sapa - a land considered a place where heaven and earth blend together, not only attracts tourists in summer, winter, and during the rice harvest season but also in spring,...

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What are the places to explore when visiting Sapa?

Ngày 04-04-2023

When visiting Sapa, everyone surely wants to keep beautiful memories, so let's follow us to explore interesting destinations in Sapa! What could be better than having a truly relaxing vacation...

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