The 5 most famous, delicious Sapa restaurants worth enjoying when traveling

The 5 most famous, delicious Sapa restaurants worth enjoying when traveling


Sapa cuisine, with its distinct processing and flavor, has long been a top tourist attraction in the mountain town. If you still don’t know what to eat in Sapa, please refer to the Sapa restaurants that are popular with tourists!

1. King Sturgeon House

Known for its cozy, magical vintage space and delicious Northwest mountain specialties, King Sturgeon restaurant has become a “familiar place” for gourmets. If you come to Sapa in the cold winter, but you can swoop into King Sturgeon Restaurant, order a hot sturgeon hotpot or a hot smoked salmon hotpot, or sip a little warm forest wine, you are sure to “wake up” all your senses. The fresh and sweet taste of the salmon, adding a bit of mild sourness to the hot pot, mixed with the pungent, spicy taste of the chili and wine, is, well, oh well. Heaven is here and nowhere else! Besides the famous sturgeon hotpot, King Sturgeon Restaurant also has countless dishes to enjoy once and remember for a lifetime. Let’s go wild horse meat with fragrant garlic sauce, firm armpit pork with excellent crispy skin, and rich wild meat as delicious drinking bait. It is difficult to stop eating after raising a glass, difficult to stop eating.

2. Sapa Ngon Restaurant

Sapa is always beautiful to go out in every season; the air here is fresh and the summer weather is still a bit chilly. In this atmosphere, eating a pot of thang co and sipping a little wine is much better. It is also a charm for me when I go around forever trying to choose a restaurant right on Cau May Street. There are many eateries on this street; it is almost dark, but the shop is bright and sparkling, the space is spacious, and the shop is also beautiful. Too crowded, so I decided to choose. At first, going through the barbecue hall, it looked so attractive, so I decided to order a piece of grilled skewers, each skewer costing only $10. The owner bakes very quickly; wait a few minutes to have the food.

We chose to sit near the door, and looking deep inside, we saw that there was a flat table. The shop looks clean, the design is simple, and there are a few more wall paintings about Sapa. The menu here is full of highland specialties, including grilled skewers, sturgeon hotpot, salmon, black chicken hot pot, ban pig, Thang Co, highland horse dishes, and even popular rice.


3. Northwest cuisine restaurant

The Northwest cuisine restaurant, also known as The Hill Station, is a special place that has both a beautiful space and delicious food. Located at 037 Phanxipang Street, Sapa town is foggy and also the busiest street in the mountain town. The address is easy to find: near the Fansipan cable car, just 3 minutes walk from the stone church, and right on the walking street to Cat Cat village.

This is the only ancient tile-roofed house left on the busy street, creating a quiet, idyllic, but also very nostalgic atmosphere. The exterior is simple, with stone yards and ornamental plants, but it is easy to make people vibrate. The space is over 200 m2, with both indoor and outdoor areas and a capacity of about 200 guests. The garden is airy, can accommodate 8 tables, and has a panoramic view of Muong Hoa valley.

4. Do Quyen Restaurant

Starting to open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, Sapa Do Quyen restaurant is located on the top of Fansiphan (Sapa, Lao Cai) in an airy, beautiful space that will make visitors enjoy the special dishes. At the same time, you can admire the romantic clouds.


5. Sapa Restaurant Northwest Cuisine: Chapa

Always on the list of famous Sapa restaurants, Chapa is considered one of the dining addresses in Sapa that tourists should choose.

With a rich menu of Sapa restaurants and enthusiastic and attentive service, when visiting Sapa Chapa Restaurant at 40 Cau May, Sapa, Lao Cai, visitors will feel the taste of Sapa in each dish.

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