The great benefits of regular massage and sauna

The great benefits of regular massage and sauna


Massage and sauna are often considered one of the best therapeutic massage methods to reduce tension and stress. Let’s explore the great benefits of regular massage and sauna through the following article:

Firstly, regular massage and sauna help us effectively lose weight. Spending around 25 minutes in a sauna session can burn as much energy as walking for 45 minutes, promoting the burning of excess fat and preventing obesity. You can also enhance the effects by using various types of essential oils during the sauna. Sauna helps to control body weight effectively and reduce excess fat. It is a method that reduces tension and anxiety, and prevents overeating.


Sauna not only helps the body expand peripheral blood vessels, but also promotes sweating to release excess water from the body. As a result, it can alleviate pressure on the heart and blood vessels.

The hot steam during a full-body sauna session can dilate the blood vessels under the skin, increase circulation, and provide better nourishment for the skin. Sauna also helps to warm up the body and the essential oils from the steam can effectively disinfect the respiratory system, alleviate nasal congestion, sinusitis, sore throat, and help the body feel relaxed and comfortable…


Moreover, according to Eastern medicine, full-body massage is one of the best therapeutic methods for prevention and treatment of diseases. It involves various techniques and skills such as kneading, pressing, and stretching to impact different parts of the body. The massage can expand the capillaries, increase blood circulation and secretion, remove dead skin cells, and improve the health, smoothness, and color of the skin. The overall effects of full-body massage help to restore muscle condition and relax the body, reducing fatigue and exhaustion.


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