The wonders of massage and acupressure on the foot area.

The wonders of massage and acupressure on the foot area.


Acupressure points on the feet have a close relationship with various internal organs. Therefore, mastering the foot acupressure points chart will help you easily massage and promote blood circulation, improve health, and treat ailments when needed.

1. Thương Khâu Acupoint:

  • Location: Located just below the depression on the inner side of the ball of the foot.
  • Function: Thương Khâu Acupoint is one of the foot acupressure points that helps alleviate abdominal fullness, indigestion, nausea, gastric inflammation, constipation, diarrhea, and other conditions. Massaging and applying pressure to this point also facilitates the circulation of blood from the liver to the vessels and vice versa.
  • How to stimulate: Identify the acupoint, apply pressure, and hold for about 3 minutes (until a tingling sensation occurs). Perform this 3–5 times daily on both feet.

2. Dũng Tuyền Acupoint

  • Location: Dũng Tuyền Acupoint is located at the lowest point in the arch of the foot about 1/3 towards the front.
  • Function: This acupoint on the foot is beneficial for nourishing the kidneys, aiding in kidney detoxification, and regulating the body.
  • How to stimulate: As this is one of the 36 vital acupoints, use appropriate pressure. You can use the thumb to gently press and massage the acupoint for 5 minutes each day. The ideal time for stimulation is before 5–7 a.m. It is advisable to drink a glass of warm water before stimulating Dũng Tuyền to enhance kidney filtration.

3. Thái Xung Acupoint

  • Location: Thái Xung Acupoint is located on the upper side of the instep. Measure from the gap between the big toe and the second toe up to 2 thumb widths; this is the acupoint location.
  • Function: Thái Xung Acupoint is closely related to liver function. Pressing and massaging this acupoint stimulates the detoxification process in the liver, treating liver-related conditions such as body weakness, liver dysfunction, jaundice, and addressing issues like urinary retention, poor appetite, constipation, and indigestion.
  • How to stimulate: Use the thumb to apply gentle and appropriate pressure on the acupoint, pressing for about 4 minutes until a slight discomfort is felt, then stop.

4. Bát Phong Acupoint

  • Location: Bát Phong Acupoint is located on the instep, comprising 8 acupoints between the joints of the toes on both feet.
  • Function: Bát Phong Acupoint helps treat conditions such as toe inflammation, corns, and menstrual pain.
  • How to stimulate: Press and massage each acupoint (1 minute per acupoint) whenever there are signs of inflammation and corns on the toes.

5. Nội Đình Acupoint

  • Location: Nội Đình Acupoint is situated on the upper surface of the foot, right between the second and third toes.
  • Function: Massaging and applying pressure to Nội Đình Acupoint helps treat conditions like colitis, stomach pain, toothache, headache, nosebleeds, and high fever.
  • How to stimulate: Gently press and hold the acupoint for 1–3 minutes on both feet.

6. Giải Khê Acupoint

  • Location: Giải Khê Acupoint is located at the midpoint of the fold on the top of the foot. It is positioned in the hollow between the common extensor tendon of the toes and the long extensor tendon of the big toe.
  • Function: Giải Khê Acupoint is effective in treating ankle joint pain, leg paralysis, and sciatic nerve pain.
  • How to stimulate: Press and massage the acupoint gently for 1–3 minutes, depending on the severity of the condition.

The above are some of the essential acupoints on the instep and foot area. Regularly massaging and applying pressure to these acupoints on the feet, along with soaking the feet in warm water before bedtime, can help improve blood circulation, dispel cold, enhance immunity, and prevent various health issues.


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