Top 3 restaurants with delicious salmon in Sapa

Top 3 restaurants with delicious salmon in Sapa


In addition to its beautiful landscapes, unique culture, and colorful markets, Sapa also captivates visitors with its delicious and nutritious salmon dishes. If you have the opportunity to visit Sapa, make sure to try the various salmon dishes available.

1.Sapa Hotpot Center – Salmon Hotpot

If you’re wondering where to find delicious salmon hotpots, Hotpot Center is a quality suggestion. Located in the center of Sapa town, Sapa Hotpot Center is a popular destination for many tourists seeking to indulge in salmon dishes. The restaurant receives high praise from visitors for its flavorful food and attentive service.

The success of Sapa salmon hotpot at Hotpot Center lies in its broth. The rich flavors blend perfectly with fresh and green vegetables. Dip the slices of salmon into the hotpot broth and enjoy to the fullest. The restaurant not only serves salmon hotpot but also offers a variety of other delicious and tempting dishes. You won’t be disappointed when you visit this place.


2. Xuan Vien Sapa Salmon Restaurant:

Xuan Vien is famous for serving delicious, nutritious, and affordable salmon dishes. The salmon dishes here are highly praised not only for their quality and flavors but also for their visually appealing presentation. The restaurant uses standard, tender, and flavorful salmon that is not fishy. The fresh and tasty salmon fillets are arranged in an attractive and generous manner.

3. King Salmon Restaurant Sapa:

King Salmon Restaurant offers a menu focused on dishes made from salmon. The fish is prepared right on the spot, and you can personally choose the fish from the fish pond. The salmon here is of moderate size and has firm flesh. Thanks to that, the salmon dishes at King Salmon always have a very distinctive flavor.


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