What are the 7 specialties of Sapa called?

What are the 7 specialties of Sapa called?


The attraction of Sapa is not only created by the landscape, climate, and people but also by the cuisine. Visitors to the foggy city will be extremely impressed with the famous, fancy, and strange Sapa specialties bearing the cultural flavor of the people of the Northwest.

7 delicious dishes that visitors to Sapa should try

1. Thang Co Sapa

At the Vi vu love market or fair, visitors can easily find a specialty of Sapa with a strange name: Thang Co. This is a traditional dish of the H’Mong people and has been around for more than a hundred years. It is cooked from horse meat, horse organs, and horse bones.

Thang Co is usually cooked in a large pan, is dark in color, greasy, and has a bitter taste of raw horse intestines—extremely “suitable” for the cold weather in Sapa.

Locals often jokingly say that if you have gone to Sapa, you will not be able to return if you have not enjoyed Thang Co.

2. Buffalo meat in the kitchen

If you are a lover of buffalo meat dishes, then kitchen buffalo meat will be a unique gift for you. Fresh buffalo meat, after seasoning, will be smoked from a wood stove until the outer layer of meat is completely dry and turns dark red brown.

This is a specialty of the Black Thai ethnic group, possessing a salty taste and characteristic pungent aroma from many spices. Although they are quite picky eaters, buffalo meat in Sapa kitchens is very popular with culinary enthusiasts because of its rich sweetness and extreme “wasting up”.

3. Effervescent Cup

The top-famous Sapa specialties certainly cannot miss Con Sui, a dish that is processed similarly to Hanoi Pho, with a special sauce that is thick, seasoned to taste, and has an attractive aroma.

The top of the bowl will be sprinkled with a layer of seaweed or crispy sweet potato, combined with pork, shredded beef, a half-boiled egg, pepper, and peanuts. From there, bring a harmonious and very attractive combination to the dish.

4. Lam rice

Famous for the image of green terraced fields stretching from the high pass, it is not surprising that Lam rice is on the list of famous Sapa specialties.

Lam rice is simply rice cooked in a bamboo tube over embers. During processing, the bamboo tube must be rotated regularly to cook evenly. Thanks to this special method, the rice grains absorb all the aroma from the bamboo and still retain their inherent sweetness. Lamian rice is both flexible and soft even when cooled, quite similar to sticky rice.

5. Seven-color sticky rice

Seven-color sticky rice is a traditional Sapa delicacy that often appears during the Tet holidays or the 1st of July of the lunar calendar every year. The seven colors of sticky rice—bright red, dark red, brown, purple, yellow, blue, and green—represent seven months of the long-term resistance war of the Nung Din ethnic group.

Sticky rice with seven colors must be delicious sticky rice with round, long, and fluffy grains. Although it looks colorful, the color of sticky rice is completely taken from natural materials such as yellow flowers, sticky rice leaves, kitchen ash, flower sticky rice leaves, etc. As a result, each color of sticky rice will have a very characteristic natural aroma and delicious taste.

6. Black Chicken

This is another name for the evil chicken, which is raised freely by the H’Mong ethnic group and used in many daily dishes. Eating black chicken will bring many good effects to the body; this is considered a very nutritious folk medicine for people who have just woken up or the elderly.

Black chicken is grilled with honey, helping the chicken retain its characteristic aroma. Combined with the tough, sweet skin, eating it with a pinch of salt, pepper, and lemon is nothing like.

7. Underarm pork

If you wonder what specialties Sapa has, Then the underarm pork will be a great choice for you. The dish is made from free-range pigs of the H’Mong people; the size is about 5–6 kg per head. Although the pig is small in size, it has a delicious taste with fragrant meat and does not cause boredom.

Via: mia.vn

Talking about the taste of Sapa armpit pork, there are only four words to describe it: “small but with a shell”. Due to the frequent running and movement, the pork is tough and firm, with the meat and fat alternating; the best is when grilled on embers until the skin is golden and crispy.

Where is the best place to discover food?

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