10 delicious dishes you can’t miss when visiting Halosa Restaurant

10 delicious dishes you can’t miss when visiting Halosa Restaurant


Sapa is a land full of interesting things that make travelers remember it from their first visit. Located at 63 Fansipan, Sapa, Halosa Restaurant is undoubtedly an exciting culinary journey. With a diverse range of specialty dishes, this restaurant has become a favorite destination for those passionate about Vietnamese cuisine. Below is a list of 10 dishes you can’t miss when you visit Halosa Restaurant.

1. Salmon spring rolls

Made from fresh and delicious salmon, this dish harmoniously combines the unique flavor of salmon with fresh vegetables and unique local spices. Sapa salmon spring rolls are often wrapped in thin rice paper, creating a visually appealing meal with vibrant colors.

When you taste it, you’ll experience the freshness, crunchiness, and tenderness of the salmon, along with the unique flavor of meticulously crafted fish sauce. Sapa salmon spring rolls are not only a delicious dish but also an experience of the unique culinary culture of the Sapa mountain region, providing travelers with unforgettable memories in their journey to discover Vietnam.

2. Sapa vegetable spring rolls

“Sapa vegetable spring rolls” are a unique and special dish at Halosa Restaurant. These spring rolls are made from fresh and characteristic vegetables from the Sapa mountain region. The process of making Sapa vegetable spring rolls requires precision and skill, from selecting fresh vegetables to rolling the spring rolls without tearing the rice paper. The dish is often served with unique dipping sauces, enhancing its special flavor.

Sapa vegetable spring rolls are not only visually appealing but also a part of the local culinary culture, representing the connection with nature and the land where the local people live.


3. Salmon with cheese oven

Baked salmon with cheese at Halosa Restaurant is an enticing and delicious dish, usually prepared from fresh and delicious salmon and a layer of creamy, savory cheese. To create this dish, the salmon is typically roasted in the oven or on the stovetop, then topped with a rich cheese layer and baked again. When the salmon is cooked to perfection, and the cheese melts, this dish offers a sweet and savory combination of salmon with the unique taste of cheese.

Baked salmon with cheese is not only visually appealing but also nutritious, especially from the salmon, which is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids and protein. It is a delightful dish to try if you love the fresh taste of salmon combined with the richness of cheese.

4. Black chicken with pumpkin

The Black Chicken with Pumpkin dish at Halosa Restaurant is a culinary masterpiece that combines traditional flavors with unique creativity. It is a special dish prepared from black chickens, a unique breed in the Sapa mountain region, and fresh, delicious pumpkins. A meticulous cooking process results in tender and flavorful chicken infused with various spices and pumpkin.


5. Stewed bleck chicken in coconut

At Halosa Restaurant, another equally special dish is Coconut Chicken. Fresh and delicious black chickens are stewed until tender in fragrant coconut broth. The dish harmoniously combines the unique flavor of black chicken with the richness of coconut, creating a wonderful culinary experience.

Coconut chicken is an essential part of your culinary journey in this beautiful mountainous region.

6. Salmon with lemongrass and lime sauce

Salmon with lemongrass and lime is a delicious and nutritious dish, often prepared from fresh and live salmon, along with unique ingredients such as lemongrass and lime. To make this dish, the salmon must be fresh and still alive. The chef then combines these ingredients and spices to create a flavorful and tangy sauce. The salmon is then marinated in this sauce, resulting in a mouthwatering flavor that combines the tartness of lime, the freshness of lemongrass, and the distinctive aroma of salmon.

Salmon with lemongrass and lime sauce

7. Salmon hotpot

Salmon hotpot in Sapa is a unique and delicious dish in the Sapa mountain region of Vietnam. This hotpot is typically made from fresh and delicious salmon and a variety of fresh, seasonal vegetables, especially local specialty vegetables from the Sapa region. The salmon is usually cut into bite-sized pieces and cooked in a pot with fragrant broth and natural spices.

Salmon hotpot is not only visually appealing but also highly nutritious, with the fresh flavor of salmon combined with the sweetness of raw vegetables and the flavorful broth. This dish is a popular and beloved choice in Sapa, especially during the cold winter months when hotpot can help warm you up. Salmon hotpot is a wonderful culinary experience for travelers visiting this majestic mountainous region.

8. Sturgen hotpot

Catfish is a freshwater fish with white, delicious, and fragrant meat, often used to make hotpot with various fresh vegetables, mushrooms, and different spices. The catfish at Halosa Restaurant is raised on their own fish farm.

The catfish hotpot is served with a special tamarind broth, which is also a local specialty. Tamarind catfish hotpot with its sour and tangy taste is an unmissable option when visiting Sapa. With the chilly weather, enjoying catfish hotpot with friends and family is a great way to warm up and savor the unique flavors of the region.


9. Grilled Black Chicken

Black chickens in Sapa are usually naturally raised, fed with natural food, and grilled over charcoal, resulting in a delicious and fragrant taste characteristic of this breed. Grilled Black Chicken in Sapa is often served with a variety of spices and unique local sauces.

The tender and juicy chicken meat, combined with the distinctive aroma, creates a unique and delightful culinary experience for travelers when visiting Sapa.


10. “Tay Bac Meal”

In addition to the 9 must-try dishes mentioned earlier, Halosa Restaurant also offers a unique Northwest Feast, consisting of 8 Northwest specialty dishes, providing diners with a rich cultural and sensory experience.

Tay bac meal

These unmissable dishes make Halosa a fantastic culinary destination in Vietnam. Take the time to savor the unique and delightful flavors at this restaurant when you visit. Halosa is a place where you can explore and enjoy the wonderful tastes of Vietnamese cuisine.


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