Top 10 list of restaurants with delicious local dishes in Sapa

Ngày 25-02-2024

Sapa is not only famous for the majestic beauty of its mountains and forests but also for being a paradise of enticing culinary destinations. Below is the Top 10 list...

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Top 3 foot massages preferred by sophisticated ladies

Ngày 21-02-2024

Among the various stress reduction methods, foot massage has become a popular choice, offering not only relaxation but also numerous health benefits. Let's delve into the top 3 foot massages...

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Ngày 11-02-2024

SINCERELY ANNOUNCE   We officially re-open and welcome customers from: 1 PM - February 11th, 2024.   Don't forget to include Halosa in the visiting checklist for this spring journey....

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Revealing special types of essential oils at Halosa spa

Ngày 22-01-2024

Halosa Spa takes pride in being a sanctuary of tranquility and rejuvenation, a place that harmoniously blends serenity with revitalization. One of the highlights of the spa is its collection...

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The restaurants serving delicious Western cuisine in Sapa

Ngày 21-01-2024

1. Halosa Restaurant - Immerse Yourself in Distinctive Flavors Halosa Restaurant, a top-tier establishment in the list of European cuisine restaurants in Sapa, delivers an exquisite culinary experience. With a...

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Top 5 herbs for body detoxification with origins in the mountains of Vietnam

Ngày 20-01-2024

Have you ever wondered if the types of herbs that help detoxify the body, providing numerous health benefits, are easily found right in the mountainous regions? Let's explore the top...

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Halosa Spa – Lounge & Cafe – Restaurant: A Paradise for Dreamers

Ngày 31-12-2023

With its majestic nature, spacious surroundings, and unique culture, Sapa has become one of the top destinations for those wanting to discover the wonderful beauty and richness of Vietnam. And...

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10 spas around the PAO hotel you shouldn’t miss

Ngày 31-12-2023

When you step foot in the majestic mountains of Sapa, you not only get to experience the breathtaking natural beauty but also have the opportunity to relax at some of...

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A must-try experience at Halosa Spa

Ngày 28-12-2023

If you come to Sapa for the experience, relaxation, and especially for a honeymoon getaway, then a visit to our Halosa Spa is definitely a must. At Halosa Spa, we...

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Top 5 cafes with indoor stages in Sapa

Ngày 25-12-2023

If you are someone who loves tranquil cafe spaces and especially enjoys listening to soft, romantic melodies, then Sapa is undoubtedly a must-visit destination. To assist you in selecting an...

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