Top 5 restaurants with the best hotpot fish in Sapa

Ngày 05-04-2024

Sturgeon fish is a specialty dish that is always on the list of must-try foods for many tourists when traveling to Sapa. To find out where to enjoy delicious sturgeon...

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Top 3 restaurants with delicious salmon in Sapa

Ngày 04-04-2024

  Thanks to its temperate climate advantage, salmon farming in Sapa has thrived. With cool temperatures year-round and low winter temperatures, sometimes even accompanied by snowfall, the quality of Sapa...

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Top 10 list of restaurants with delicious local dishes in Sapa

Ngày 25-02-2024

Sapa is not only famous for the majestic beauty of its mountains and forests but also for being a paradise of enticing culinary destinations. Below is the Top 10 list...

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The restaurants serving delicious Western cuisine in Sapa

Ngày 21-01-2024

1. Halosa Restaurant - Immerse Yourself in Distinctive Flavors Halosa Restaurant, a top-tier establishment in the list of European cuisine restaurants in Sapa, delivers an exquisite culinary experience. With a...

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Discover the elegance in every corner at Halosa Restaurant

Ngày 20-12-2023

The culinary experiences at the restaurant are not just about the flavors of delicious dishes but are also created from top-notch facilities. Halosa Restaurant is a shining example, prominently emphasizing...

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Top 5 salmon restaurants in Sapa to try at least once.

Ngày 08-12-2023

When visiting the Sapa region, you cannot miss out on the "salmon" here that will enchant you with their exquisite flavors. Let's explore some renowned places to try salmon in...

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The Christmas atmosphere at Halosa

Ngày 28-11-2023

Welcome to a warm and joyful Christmas Holiday filled with love and family unity. Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere of Christmas this year with Halosa! This is the time...

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10 delicious dishes you can’t miss when visiting Halosa Restaurant

Ngày 20-09-2023

Sapa is a land full of interesting things that make travelers remember it from their first visit. Located at 63 Fansipan, Sapa, Halosa Restaurant is undoubtedly an exciting culinary journey....

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Ngày 07-09-2023

Immerse yourself in the center of the town, savoring delicious dishes while blending into the majestic mountains and landscapes of Sapa, Halosa Restaurant promises to bring you unforgettable experiences:  ...

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Conquering the Cloudy Mường Hoa at Halosa Restaurant

Ngày 25-08-2023

Located at 63C Fansipan, Sapa, Halosa restaurant is not only a unique culinary destination but also a place amidst majestic nature, where you can enjoy an exquisite Indochine-style atmosphere and...

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