10 must-visit cafes when coming to Sapa

10 must-visit cafes when coming to Sapa


Every year, Sapa attracts millions of tourists to come and experience the beautiful scenery here. Not only come to admire the scenery, tourists also experience interesting and impressive services. In which, there are cafes that meet tourists today, and restaurants and coffee shops here are springing up a lot with new styles to create accents and retain visitors.

1. Vong Canh Floor:

Previously, the shop was called The Haven Sapa. Lau Vong Canh is located at the beginning of Cat Cat village of the 
H'mong. This place has a beautiful and quiet space, an ideal place for you and your loved ones to rest and relax after 
stressful working days. Come here in the last days of September, you can see the brilliant ripe golden terraced rice fields,
 intertwined to form beautiful winding curves. A beautiful scene that is welcomed by many tourists and backpackers. 
One of the symbols and majestic beauty of Vietnam is famous in the world. That's why there are many foreign tourists 
coming here to enjoy and checkin.


2. Fansipan Terrace Cafe:

About 700m from Sapa Stone Church, Fansipan Terrace Cafe is designed from very simple tables and chairs, but it is a cafe that many people want to check-in when coming to Sapa. Perhaps because the space of the restaurant is outside, airy and cool with the view here is very wide, it is easy to see the majestic mountains hidden in the mist of Sapa. Coming to Fansipan Terrace Cafe, with such amazing scenery, as long as you know how to style it, you will have very satisfactory photos, photos with a panoramic view below and the mountains in the distance. Covered with clouds, Fansipan Terrace Cafe will bring you the best and most beautiful pictures.


3. Halosa Lounge&Cafe:

Although launched not long ago, this place has become a destination worth experiencing when visiting Sapa. Coming to Halosa Lounge & Cafe, you will relax in a wonderful space and enjoy the most attentive and professional care services. This is also a place where music-loving hearts meet and find harmony. Every weekend is when Halosa Lounge & Cafe becomes busier than ever because of the attention and love of the audience for the quiet performances performed by bands, artists with different genres. variety of music. Combined with music is a dim romantic space and well-prepared cocktails will definitely help you wake up with memorable, romantic and lyrical emotions. In particular, Halosa Lounge&Cafe also has both indoor and outdoor space.


4. Sapa Sky View Restaurant & Bar:

Sapa Sky View Restaurant & Bar is actually a rooftop restaurant of Chau Long hotel, but this is also the ideal place to enjoy drinks and enjoy the beauty of Sapa. From the balcony, as if spreading out in front of visitors a green carpet. The architecture at the restaurant has a classic style to create a cozy space and harmonize with nature.


5. BB Sky Lounge & Rooftop:

Unlike the aforementioned cafes, BB Sky Lounge & Rooftop does not have a view overlooking the majestic mountains. The attraction of this place is that you can see the entire center of Sapa town. The restaurant is modern and trendy. When enjoying drinks here, you will feel like you are in Europe, watching the streets and boulevards from above.

6. Viet Emotion Sapa:

Located 100 meters from the Stone Church, Viet Emotion Sapa will make you excited because it is like seeing a miniature Hoi An in the heart of Sapa town. The outside of the shop is painted yellow with blue wooden doors like Hoi An houses, decorated with colorful lanterns and lots of potted plants. But inside the shop, you will still see the Northwest culture in each decoration such as picture frames, brocade cloth, paintings, etc.

7. Travel soleil Sapa:

Du Soleil cafe is located at the foot of the flagpole floor of Fansipan Station. Interior decoration at Du Soleil is very delicate, brocade colors from pillows and paintings are typical of Sapa. The space of the restaurant gives a warm feeling with deep wood tones. Coming here, you can admire the Muong Hoa valley and Hoang Lien Son mountain range right in front of your eyes. Enjoying hot drinks such as ginger lemongrass honey tea, coffee, apple cinnamon tea, etc. will help you warm up in the cold weather in the mountains.


8. La Dao Spa & Coffee House:

La Dao Coffee House is a beautiful cafe in Sapa that you should not miss when traveling to beautiful Ta Van. The space here is quite rustic and simple, but it is one of the cafes in Sapa with a super beautiful and romantic view. When enjoying a drink at La Dao Coffee House, you will immerse yourself in the poetic scenery of immense terraced fields, above which are floating clouds. Your soul becomes lighter when listening to the murmuring stream, gently flowing through the rocks.


9.Coong Coffee:

The interesting point of Coong lies in its unique architecture as if it is ‘floating’ in the clouds. The atmosphere of the restaurant is warm, in harmony with the scenery of the mountains and forests of the Northwest. You can choose for yourself a private seat if you don’t like the noise, slowly enjoy hot coffee while ‘floating’ in the middle of beautiful nature.


10.Absinthe coffee & bar:

If you want to enjoy coffee in a luxurious space, then Absinthe coffee & bar at Hotel de la Coupole is the place for you. The design at the restaurant is a bit modern, a combination of Asian and European beauty. You will see the care in the space from the lights, paintings, carpets, decorative accessories, etc., all of which are delicate, making this place like a miniature museum. Because it is located on the 10th floor of Hotel de la Coupole, this is a convenient location to admire the natural beauty of Sapa. You can enjoy a drink amidst the sea of ​​clouds at the outdoor area.

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