10 restaurants serving local dishes in Sapa

10 restaurants serving local dishes in Sapa


Vietnamese cuisine is a rich cuisine with countless dishes with a variety of processing methods and flavors. There is hardly a place without famous dishes, and there is no land without tourist specialties. Of course, Sapa is no exception. This place contributes to the culinary map of our country with delicious dishes of the Northwest mountains.

1.A Phu Restaurant:

Located in the center of town, near the stone church – a famous tourist destination, the restaurant attracts the attention of many tourists. Entering the restaurant, visitors will be extremely excited by the cozy and close space. The design is mainly made of bamboo and bamboo to help diners feel like they are dining in an idyllic Vietnamese village. On weekends or holidays, Tet, tourists come here to enjoy the food often very crowded. Sometimes there is not even enough room to serve diners.


2. Cho Tinh quan:

Sa Pa love market is a traditional culture of the Mong and Dao ethnic groups in the highlands of Lao Cai in particular and the Northwest region of our country in general since ancient times. Most of the ethnic groups such as Mong, Dao, Tay, Giay living in Sa Pa live in the Muong Hoa valley, where the Muong Hoa river originates from small streams from the top of Fansipan mountain.


3. Sapa Restaurant – Gia Ban:

Right next to the only gas station on the Dien Bien Phu route in town is Gia Ban restaurant specializing in serving famous Sapa specialties. The restaurant is built on 3 modern floors, the highlight is the facade with luxurious light-filled glass doors. The design style has a combination of modern architecture and traditional and rustic features to bring a sense of comfort to diners. The menu here is mainly made from the main ingredients: sturgeon, salmon, horse meat, wild vegetables… The team of skilled chefs always brings attractive dishes in both presentation and taste. smell.

4. Hai Lam Restaurant:

Sapa restaurant specializes in serving mountain specialties, Hai Lam promises to bring memorable culinary experiences to you. The enthusiasm and hospitality of the staff will satisfy even the most demanding guests. All dishes are prepared with delicious taste and quality assurance, helping you to enjoy with peace of mind. The price at the shop is also very affordable, only from 30,000 VND to 300,000 VND. Clean, airy space creates the most comfortable mood for diners. Gathering with family with delicious dinner at Hai Lam restaurant will surely be an unforgettable time in your vacation.

5. Sapa Restaurant – Do Quyen:

The restaurant is located near the town stadium, just over 1km from the stone church, so you can easily find it. The luxurious and modern architecture here and the design of glass doors bring in extremely convenient light, helping the restaurant space to receive maximum natural light. Stepping inside, you will be attracted by the uniform dark brown wood color from the ceiling, stairs, tables and chairs. The overall style has a classic touch to create a cozy feeling. In particular, the food here is not only delicious but also very beautiful. All main dishes to side dishes are arranged through the skillful hands of a team of longtime chefs. Moreover, the price here is also quite affordable, suitable for all visitors to enjoy.


6. Lien Ton Sapa Restaurant:

Located in an area that attracts a lot of tourists, this place receives the attention of many diners who want to enjoy mountain specialties. Moreover, this is also one of the oldest restaurants, sure to bring the essence of local cuisine. From the moment you enter, you are greeted by enthusiastic, polite staff. The menu of the restaurant is brought out with countless attractive dishes for diners to choose from. Prices are also publicly available on the menu so you can feel free to consider your financial condition. The fresh ingredients are prepared in a very personal way at the restaurant but still retain the traditional taste. You will surely have a memorable time here.

7. Cho Que Quan Restaurant:

One more Sapa restaurant located on Xuan Vien street for you to consider choosing – Cho Que Quan restaurant. Only about 350m from the Stone Church, finding the way for visitors is not too difficult. Visitors coming here will be extremely impressed with the ancient style like a miniature Hoi An, highlighted by colorful lanterns. The restaurant has 3 floors with the restaurant located on the 1st floor, the 2nd floor and the cafe on the 3rd floor. The restaurant floor is not too wide but deep, so it still provides a comfortable space for diners. Especially, in addition to the specialties of Sapa, this place is also famous for pizza, sandwich, burger, etc. In which, beef pizza is highly appreciated by many diners. Do not forget to enjoy this new flavor right in the middle of the Northwest mountains.

8. Red Dao Restaurant:

Convenient location near the Stone Church,   is chosen by many diners when traveling here. As the name suggests, the restaurant is built in the style of stilt houses of the Red Dao people. The main color in the shop is also red, creating a very unique visual effect. Most of the materials here are wood

The guest part is made of glass to receive the most natural light.

9. Sang Meo Restaurant:

If you still wonder  enjoy specialties, you can refer to this highland name Sang Meo. The restaurant style stands out with bamboo and bamboo as the main materials, creating a feeling of closeness and familiarity for anyone entering. Yellow lights decorated on the elegant ceiling also help to make the space more cozy, dispelling the typical cold of Sapa. The restaurant menu is also quite rich, the most popular with tourists are the dishes: carp hot pot, salmon salad, buffalo meat in the kitchen… In addition, with a new way of processing, the restaurant also creates a taste. very unique that no other place has. Sang Meo Restaurant is aimed at all customers, from retail customers to large groups, so the price is also very reasonable.


10. Minh Tam Restaurant:

The restaurant impresses with the brick wall not plastered with mortar, the floor is only paved with red bricks, the wall is covered with wood, bringing a new feeling, rarely seen anywhere else. The menu is mainly specialties made from horse meat, wild boar or sturgeon. The price is also not too expensive, so it attracts a large number of customers to come here to enjoy.

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