10 spas around the PAO hotel you shouldn’t miss

10 spas around the PAO hotel you shouldn’t miss


When you step foot in the majestic mountains of Sapa, you not only get to experience the breathtaking natural beauty but also have the opportunity to relax at some of the top-quality spas. Here is a list of the Top 10 spas around the PAO hotel that you should consider visiting.

1. Halosa Massage & Spa

Halosa Spa aims to blend premium health care services with the traditional methods of the local Dao ethnic group. It offers visitors an immersive experience in a cozy, luxurious environment with harmonious massage therapies combining Asian and European techniques. Despite the high-quality services, Halosa’s pricing is quite affordable, catering to all budgets.

10 spas around the PAO hotel you shouldn't miss

=> Address for Halosa Massage & Spa HERE.

2. Sapa Serenity Spa & Massage

A leading destination for spa experiences in Sapa, this spa combines serene ambiance with professional services, offering unique and effective massage therapies.

3. Heaven Massage

Nestled in the heart of Sapa, Heavenly Touch Spa is a sanctuary of relaxation. With its luxurious design and dedicated team, it specializes in perfect massage and skincare treatments, ensuring both body and soul are rejuvenated.

4. Elysium Sapa Spa

Representing elegance and perfection, Elysium Spa in Sapa offers a sophisticated design that celebrates local culture and nature. The skilled therapists here employ modern techniques and unique natural ingredients for exclusive therapies.

5. Azure Bliss Spa

Ideal for those seeking relaxation and health improvement, Azure Bliss Spa provides an intimate connection with nature, creating a tranquil and refreshing atmosphere.

6. Green Lotus Spa

A symbol of harmony between nature and traditional spa practices, Green Lotus Spa in Sapa promises deep relaxation with its refreshing environment and unique skincare services.

Green lotus spa

7. Sapa Star Spa

Promising a top-notch relaxation experience, Sapa Star Spa uses advanced therapy methods and quality products to ensure perfect recovery for its clients.

8. Mystic Mountain Spa

With its breathtaking views and professional services, Mystic Mountain Spa offers unique massage and therapy experiences. The skilled team here uses unique therapy techniques combined with natural ingredients.

9. Sapa Retreat Spa

A symbol of tranquility and rejuvenation in the beautiful land of Sapa, Sapa Retreat Spa promises deep relaxation with its luxurious design and top-tier skincare services.

10. Golden Bamboo Spa:

Offering a perfect blend of relaxation and health care, Golden Bamboo Spa in Sapa provides unique massage and therapy experiences. The dedicated team ensures comprehensive care for both body and soul.

When you visit Sapa and stay at the PAO hotel, don’t miss the chance to experience these top spas with unforgettable services and relaxation experiences. Treat yourself to the ultimate rejuvenation at these exciting destinations!

HALOSA – New Land, New Experience

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