4 must-visit places in Sapa

4 must-visit places in Sapa


Sapa – located in the Northwest of Vietnam, holds many wonders of natural scenery and people. Sapa, well famous in the eyes of international visitors as the “town in clouds” also attracts tourists with its majestic mountains and unique experiences of the ethnic minority communities’ way of life.

With its beautiful nature, grand mountains, and mild climate, Sapa is known as the place where the earth meets the sky. The most unique feature of Sapa is that all four seasons can occur in one day. It can be spring in the early morning, summer by midday, autumn in the afternoon, and winter at night.

Perhaps all of the above factors have made Sapa a popular destination for many tourists to relax and unwind, and has long been the most famous vacation spot in the Northern region of Vietnam. During the trip to visit Sapa, there are some “must-visit” tourist attractions that visitors cannot ignore. Let’s take a look at the top special places!

1.Cat Cat Village – Sapa

Cat Cat Village – or Cat Cat hamlet – is a H’Mong ethnic village located in Hoang Lien commune, Sapa town, Lao Cai province. It has been a famous Sapa tourist destination for many years. When visiting Cat Cat Village, tourists not only enjoy the peaceful and impressive natural scenery, but also have many opportunities to learn about the unique culture of the local ethnic people. The Cat Cat tourist area has many interesting and attractive things for visitors to explore, such as small roads, tiny houses, traditional handicraft village, waterfalls, and Gem valley of Cat Cat village. Don’t miss the chance to visit Cat Cat Village if you come to Sapa!


2.Sapa Sky Gate

Sapa Sky Gate is a tourist destination invested in and completed in 2019 to welcome tourists to visit the scenic beauty of the Northwest mountains. Located on the peak of O Quy Ho Pass – one of the four great mountain passes of Vietnam, about 18km from the center of Sapa, the road to Sapa Sky Gate is full of winding and steep slopes amidst the natural scenery of the Northwest mountains. This place has become an ideal destination for tourists to go on Sapa tours to hunt for clouds and take photos. Many visitors are mesmerized by the stunning scenery here. Cloud hunting is an extremely exciting experience that all tourists want to try once when visiting Sapa Sky Gate.


3. Ham Rong mountain

Ham Rong Mountain is located right next to the town of Sapa, behind the Stone Church of Sapa, belonging to the Hoang Lien Son mountain range. The mountain shaped like a dragon’s head is famous in the misty town. The Ham Rong Ecological Tourist Area is built with 3 main areas: Ham Rong Flower Garden, Thach Lam Rock Garden, and Ham Rong Peak. Visitors will have the opportunity to admire the panoramic view of Sapa town from above, which is also where special memorable photos are taken, as each picture frame captures the beauty of Sapa town hidden among the white clouds like a fairyland.


4. Halosa – the newest luxury resort complex in Sapa

The sophistication of Halosa is demonstrated through each design and meticulous arrangement of interior in every room. Located quietly on Fansipan road, despite its simple and rustic appearance like the people of Sapa, Halosa is modern inside, bringing a unique impression to every tourist who comes to the Northwest mountainous region.

One thing for sure is that only by visiting Halosa can one fulfill their desire to relieve stress with the extremely diverse Spa services. With over 20 massage rooms, and a wide, airy view surrounding Halosa, tourists have the opportunity to immerse hemselves in the dreamy mountainous nature. Additionally, Halosa also serves customers with attractive dishes, as the Vietnamese head chef has had 32 years of experience in creating Western cuisine. These dishes are extremely eye-catching as they have been prepared very meticulously, from the process of purchasing and preserving ingredients to decorating the food.

Not stopping there, in addition to the Spa and Restaurant, Halosa also has a Lounge & Bar that is suitable for tourists to enjoy music every evening. It is wonderful to relieve tension with gentle music, bringing great spiritual value.

Visiting Halosa, tourists not only experience moments of relaxation but also enjoy Sapa cuisine, and comfortably watch the sunset from the balcony on the second floor, which is great for taking memorable photos in Sapa or Halosa – a complex that blends classic and modern styles, creating a new level of luxury that tourists choose to visit every time they come to Sapa.

Therefore, it is hoped that tourists can choose valuable and enjoyable destinations when visiting Sapa

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