5 Sapa tourist destinations paradise

5 Sapa tourist destinations paradise


Rarely is there a trip to the Northwest that people can overlook Sapa. The urban area nestled among the mountains and clouds still preserves many magnificent structures and peaceful and cool villages of unique ethnic groups. Follow the article below to find the best “Instagrammable” places in this mountainous town!

Swing Sapa:

Located right in the center of Sapa town, Swing Sapa not only attracts young people who love to check in with the locals but also fascinates international tourists. With a special location, you can admire the breathtaking natural scenery while taking great pictures for your social media. With deep scenes no less than Bali. You cannot miss the pure cold atmosphere of the Northwest. On the high mountain plateau, standing at Swing Sapa, we can overlook every blue-green forest patch below the Hoang Lien Son National Park. Moreover, at the foot of this place, there are also many flower gardens facing, creating a magnificent “flower offering” scene.


2. Muong Hoa Valley:

Where can we experience the most pristine Sapa? The answer will surely be Muong Hoa. This beautiful valley is located over 10km away from the town center with an inconvenient road, but once you arrive, you will definitely feel that the journey is worth it! Muong Hoa is most famous for its terraced rice fields, stretching up to the sky, creating shimmering golden stairs like a path to heaven. If you want to fully admire this moment, you can visit here from September to November.


3. Ta Van Village:

Ta Van has also become a more famous check-in spot in Sapa town. Following the Silver Waterfall through Muong Hoa, we will reach Ta Van. If Muong Hoa still retains the gentleness of wildflowers, Ta Van shows more clearly the mystery of the Northwest mountains and forests, the beauty of adventure and the superstitions of ethnic groups such as the Giay and Dao Do. There is no “nail” point, every piece of land in Ta Van is wonderful to explore and “live virtually”. You can climb up a hill near the homestay, admire the golden terraced fields in the evening sun, or follow the children to the buffalo fields early in the morning.


4. The Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge:

A new address to admire the “four great mountain passes” of Northwest Vietnam is the Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge. Located in the O Quy Ho Pass – the famous and beautiful “death-defying” pass, this is also the longest glass bridge in Southeast Asia with a capacity of hundreds of people at the same time. Not inferior to the glass bridges in China. The Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge will give visitors a real “heart-stopping and leg-trembling” experience.

To get to this bridge, you just need to come to the O Quy Ho Pass, buy a ticket, and the elevator will take you to the Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge. Under the high-strength tempered glass, the entire wild valley beneath the O Quy Ho mountain pass is clearly visible, displaying its stunning beauty and extreme thrill for tourists.


5. Silver Waterfall:

Located over 10km away from Sapa, Silver Waterfall is a must-visit spot even for the locals. This waterfall is the source of the pristine streams that flow down through the Mường Hoa Valley. The best time to visit Silver Waterfall is, in fact, anytime, as it shines in its full glory year-round.

With a height of 1800m above sea level, Silver Waterfall cascades down between two mountain slopes, forming multiple tiers before falling into the pool below. The surrounding area is filled with untouched forests and terraced hillsides. Visitors can “live virtually” at the foot of the mountain to capture the panoramic view of the waterfall above or take a memorable check-in photo on the bridge that connects the two sides of the waterfall, which is also a highlight of the whole trip.


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