A must-try experience at Halosa Spa

A must-try experience at Halosa Spa


If you come to Sapa for the experience, relaxation, and especially for a honeymoon getaway, then a visit to our Halosa Spa is definitely a must. At Halosa Spa, we offer the ‘Honeymoon’ package, designed for couples commemorating special moments.

Moreover, the Honeymoon package is also an ideal choice for guests looking to unwind and relieve stress. Honeymoon is ready to provide guests with wonderful experiences, featuring a bathtub with a panoramic view of the mountains and forests, surrounded by the captivating sky. This package includes a range of services tailored for our guests, such as:

  • Herbal couple’s bath experience
  • Body scrub
  • 60-minute full-body massage
  • 30-minute facial care

With all the procedures included in this package, it is sure to leave you with a radiant face, a healed spirit, and an incredibly relaxed state. This is also an exciting ‘journey’ where you just need to relax, as everything else is taken care of by Halosa Spa. So, don’t miss out on this service package!


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