A resort paradise in Muong Hoa Valley – Halosa Spa

A resort paradise in Muong Hoa Valley – Halosa Spa


Experiencing the journey to come to the land engulfed in the magical mist of Sapa, visitors must have been tired by long-distance car trips, hours of climbing, crowded cable cars to reach the top of Fansipan; then don’t worry because we have Halosa Spa here ready to serve

After a period of fatigue from overwork, many of us think about fueling our bodies with healthy food and protein drinks, but did you know that massage after activity is just as important? Equally important for our body to fully recover? 


Many studies have shown that its benefits include reducing inflammation, preventing injury, and more. Therefore, massage after the body undergoes excessive activities is very necessary

Coming to HALOSA Spa’s Massage service, you will experience many different services such as:

– Body Wrap / Full body care

– Facial Treatment / Facial Care

– Body Treatment/ Body Treatment

Entirely served by a skilled and professionally trained team, we are proud to bring high-class health care services combined with the traditional methods of the Red Dao people in Sapa.


Especially only at HALOSA Spa, we introduce to you combination treatment packages including:

– Halosa Signature Package/ Halosa Spa Icon Pack

– Romantic Honeymoon Package (for couples) / Honeymoon Package for couples.

Besides, the Body and Soul Package / Vietnamese Soul Package brings a feeling of closeness to the traditional but extremely modern massage method at our resort. With a unique view overlooking the clouds of Sapa while enjoying a Massage, visitors to the resort can only find that opportunity in Halosa.

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