A space to connect: Our lounge’s cozy ambiance encourages socializing and mingling

A space to connect: Our lounge’s cozy ambiance encourages socializing and mingling


Halosa is the newest name in Sapa, but with all the sincerity and enthusiasm of the staff, along with the class and luxury that have made visitors unable to ignore it. Follow me to Halosa Restaurant – Halosa Spa – Halosa Lounge&Cafe to experience the peace here!

At Halosa, each product and service brings unique features of the culture, specialties, and people of Sapa, thereby giving customers a different and complete experience in every moment.

With the motto “delicious taste for a full life”, at Halosa Restaurant, each dish is meticulously prepared from ingredients, processing, decoration to space to enjoy. Our chefs with skillful hands and delicate taste buds will bring you to experience rich local dishes prepared according to international standards, suitable for all visitors. In a luxurious and classy space with full glass view design, this is the ideal place for you to see the whole Muong Hoa valley and enjoy the feeling of being immersed in the scenery of clouds and sky in Sapa. Besides, the first team The kitchen has many years of experience in Sapa, so the restaurant has a full range of Asian dishes to European dishes, especially delicious local dishes.


Halosa Spa is lucky to have a natural setting amidst the clouds of Sapa surrounding the complex. Just relax and see the vast sky and open space through the glass windows; only Halosa Spa can help you do that. Along with a luxurious space, we have meticulously placed scented candles with essential oils, making the whole Spa become classy but still very close, helping you feel very light and comfortable. Above all, at Halosa – Spa, we have a variety of combos, from body massage to body scrub to double bath, etc., that are very suitable as the ideal choice for you to visit.


What’s even better is that at Halosa Lounge & Cafe, there are both indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether sitting in the room or sitting outside, you can still feel the unique quality of Halosa. Every weekend is the time to become busier than ever with the quiet performances performed by bands and artists with diverse musical genres. When the music plays, the distance between the artist and the audience is drawn closer than ever; that’s when we all come together in harmony with the flow of emotions and rhythm. Combined with music, a dim, romantic space and standard cocktails evoke fluttering and romantic emotions.


Moreover, right at Halosa, we meticulously decorate candles throughout the space, making the whole complex more cozy, in addition, there are aromas from essential oils that will help you relieve stress. Come to Halosa to experience a peaceful moment!

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