Choose a homestay to stay in Sapa

Choose a homestay to stay in Sapa


One of the best experiences for visitors when coming to this northwest highland town is a homestay. Visitors will have direct contact with indigenous people, eat together, live together, and learn about the culture, customs, and habits of people in this Sa Pa tourist destination. Homestay tourism will also bring a very different feeling compared to when you stay at a regular hotel.

Experience homestay with local people

In Sa Pa, quite a few ethnic minorities residing in Ta Van, Lao Chai, Nam Cang villages have become experienced tour guides. The compatriots can both weave brocade, cook, knit, embroider, and talk in English with foreign tourists. Helping them better understand the lives and activities of the local people. According to a survey by the World Conservation Organization, the sponsor of a sustainable tourism development project in Sa Pa. More than 70% of international visitors to Sa Pa have a need for “homestay” tourism.

Homestay tourism is a type of tourism where visitors will stay in the homes of indigenous people to eat, live, and interact with the people here. At that time, visitors will become members of the family and have the opportunity to get close to and learn about the traditional culture of the place they are visiting, especially in places where many ethnic people live. Currently, homestay tourism in villages is an activity that attracts a large number of visitors, especially international tourists coming to Sa Pa as a tourist destination.

Choosing a homestay in Sapa

The homestay service is quite cheap, from 70,000 VND to 100,000 VND per person/night… A meal at a local house usually costs from 50,000 to 100,000 VND, depending on the dish.

When visiting Sapa, visitors will have many experiences when choosing different homestays. Visitors can choose a homestay and fully enjoy the scenery of the mountains and forests of Sapa. If you want to have a stay experience close to the local culture, you can find a homestay with a view of the streams running across the mountains and hills.

Besides experiencing traditional homestays, when visiting Sapa, don’t forget to visit the Halosa Spa, Lounge & Cafe, and Restaurant Complex!

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