Come to Sapa at the most beautiful time of the year

Come to Sapa at the most beautiful time of the year


When the petals signal spring has arrived, that is also the time when the most beautiful flowers in Sapa begin to bloom. Let’s find out what flowers are blooming in Sapa at this time.

1. Hibiscus flowers (Sapa ancient hibiscus)

Hibiscus is not a strange species to many people, but the double flower of the Sapa Ancient Hibiscus flower will surely make you excited. Flowers are easy to grow, grow quickly, give flowers after 2 months, have 2 colors such as purple and white, and bloom in April and May every year.

Hibiscus flowers are often planted in fences; public green buildings have now been potted as ornamentals, home decorations, and very nice working corners. Hibiscus symbolizes youth, fame, and beauty in people, expressing strength and optimism.

2. Peach blossom

The next flower that cannot be ignored when visiting Sapa is peach blossom. After a long period of hibernation, Sa Pa seems to wake up with pink peach petals that lightly color the roads, hillsides, and villages.

It is the ancient peach roots with trunks that have become rough from moss and the blooming petals that warm the mountains and forests that create the beauty of 1-0-2 in Sa Pa. The fresh peach orchards have been a long-standing attraction for tourists and photographers on this new spring day.

3. Rhododendron flowers

The collection of flowers of the rhododendron family in Sapa is very diverse and rich in types and colors. In it, pink and white azaleas predominate. On the road leading to Love Waterfall, the forests of blooming azaleas and fragrant flowers have captivated many tourists.

The most natural place for azaleas to grow in Sapa is Hoang Lien Forest. It is not difficult to see rhododendron bushes on craggy cliffs or rhododendron trees up to 15 or 16 meters high.

4. Roses (Sapa Ancient Roses)

It would be remiss to talk about the typical flowers of Sapa without mentioning the roses, including two types of old rose bushes and Sapa climbing roses. The rose trees here often have a height of over 1m, stout leaves, and fragrant colors.


Anyone coming here will feel lightheaded as if they were lost in a fairy tale. At the same time, the gentle floral scent will blow away worries and sorrows, leaving behind enjoyment and relaxation.

5. Buckwheat flower

If anyone asks where the buckwheat flowers bloom the most, that person will surely answer the land of Ha Giang and Sa Pa. On autumn days, from about October to early November, the fields of buckwheat flowers bloom simultaneously to welcome Sapa tourists.

The buckwheat triangle is like the Phu Dung flower, which has a magical speed of color change over time. When it first blooms, buckwheat has a pure white color; the next day, the flowers gradually turn pinkish.

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