Conquering the Cloudy Mường Hoa at Halosa Restaurant

Conquering the Cloudy Mường Hoa at Halosa Restaurant


Located at 63C Fansipan, Sapa, Halosa restaurant is not only a unique culinary destination but also a place amidst majestic nature, where you can enjoy an exquisite Indochine-style atmosphere and a diverse range of captivating dishes. With its prime location right on the edge of the Mường Hoa valley, Halosa promises to deliver an excellent dining experience along with beautiful natural scenery.

When Mists of Mường Hoa Are Near the Dining Table

The space of Halosa will undoubtedly win your heart with its elegant arrangement and the use of glass materials throughout the design. This allows you to not only savor delicious dishes but also have the opportunity to admire the drifting mountain clouds and the lush green Mường Hoa valley.

Stepping into Halosa, you will be drawn in by the cozy, elegant, yet still intimate ambiance. The glass design choices, along with warm and subdued color tones, provide comfort and relaxation, creating an ideal setting for any meal or gathering.


The Essence of Asian – European Flavors

The diverse menu of Halosa is an unmissable highlight. From unique Asian dishes to refined European flavors, the restaurant ensures to take you on a multi-colored culinary journey. Especially noteworthy are the distinct local dishes that will satisfy even the most discerning diners. The signature dishes here include: salmon spring rolls, salmon hot pot, catfish hot pot, dill and lemongrass marinated salmon, various Northwestern sets…

Conquering-the cloudy-muong-hoa-at-Halosa-Restaurant

Elevate Your Experience on the Balcony of Halosa Lounge & Cafe

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in a serene and tranquil setting, head to the second floor of the restaurant to enjoy the food on the balcony of Halosa Lounge & Cafe. Here, you can surrender to the natural beauty of Sapa, gaze at the drifting clouds, and indulge in a peaceful space.


Enchanting and Alluring Night Veil

The surroundings of Halosa become even more beautiful and enchanting as night falls, illuminated by the soft glow of lights. After a long day, as the night descends, the tranquil space is adorned with lights, making this place extraordinarily beautiful.


Getting to Halosa Restaurant from Sapa Town Center

Located at 63C Fansipan Street, Sapa Town, getting from the town center to Halosa takes approximately 3-5 minutes by travel and around 7-10 minutes from the Sapa Bus Station on Dien Bien Phu Street.

To reach Halosa, you can easily catch a taxi or an electric car, which are readily available. Halosa is situated right by the roadside, ready to welcome you.

The establishment operates from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM daily, so make sure to plan your schedule accordingly to not miss the restaurant’s opening hours.

Halosa Restaurant is not only a unique culinary destination but also offers an experience that blends the beauty of nature with diverse cuisine. With its ideal location and distinctive ambiance, Halosa promises to be an unmissable spot when you visit the picturesque Sapa region.


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