Decoding the craze of craft beer in Sapa

Decoding the craze of craft beer in Sapa


Craft beer, also known as “craft beer”, may still be a new concept in Vietnam, but it is gradually being replicated and creating a new wave in the workplace. This is not only a momentary craze but also a new cultural trend that has its own appeal. Take creativity as the core.

Craft beer, also known as craft beer, is defined as beer brewed or produced in small-volume breweries, usually independent breweries, and applying the traditional brewing process. Traditional, combined with a variety of ingredients to create a unique flavor. Due to production restrictions and a unique creative process, the craft beer market has not yet grown large enough to be considered an industry, but it is the basis of very active communities.


In the world, craft beer factories appeared first in Europe, then spread to the Americas, and today they are quite popular in Japan, Thailand, and neighboring Asian countries. However, breweries do not compete or confront each other but are like brothers. Each brewery offers its own unique flavors with its own recipe, developed by “brewmasters”. Craft beer is a clever combination of traditional ingredients and creativity in the process of brewing, fermenting and then combining with ingredients specific to each region, each taste has made a difference. Culinary experts say that the brewing process has many similarities with the wine-making process, so enjoying this beer will also become more special if you take the time to learn and experience. It is an ingenious combination of traditional ingredients and creativity in the brewing and fermentation process.

The concept of Craft Beer is an innovative platform from which breweries can continuously bring out new flavors, demonstrating the skill of the “brewmaster”. From the main ingredients, such as yeast and malt, each “brewmaster” adds different spices to create the most characteristic beer flavor for its brand. There is really no limit on ingredients to create a unique highlight for craft beer, it all depends on the imagination of the brewmaster.

Brewers in Japan use meltwater from icebergs in the Sea of Okhotsk in the Pacific Ocean. In the Americas, coffee, chocolate, and black pepper are all commonly used ingredients. This makes customers always find a surprise at any “brewpub” they visit. Each “brewpub” itself must always refresh its beer menu. In particular, the distinctive imprints of each region can also become creative materials to create unique beer flavors that are not available everywhere.

Besides men, the female guests also quite liked this beer. Mr. John Reid said that the most favorite beer flavor of the office ladies at Pasteur Street Brewing Company is Jasmine IPA, a beer with moderate alcohol content and floral aroma, especially delicate jasmine scent. This beer is very diverse in its alcohol content, so anyone can find a beer that is just right for them.


The glass of this beer is usually a low glass, allowing diners to enjoy it while the beer is still cool. Avoid touching the keel body so that the body temperature does not increase the temperature of the beer glass. Many breweries also focus on developing bottled products. However, because this beer has no preservatives and requires to be kept at the right temperature, the original taste and quality of the beer only lasts for a short time.

One of the interesting things about this beer is that customers can combine different flavors of beer with different dishes to create an impressive harmony. If wine is combined by color, for example: red wine combined with dishes made from red meat (beef, pork, …), white wine combined with dishes made from white meat (chicken, fish, etc.) …), the recipe for combining dishes with craft beer is more complicated. The factors that make up the taste, concentration and feel of the dish must be considered in order to choose the right beer. If you choose incorrectly, the beer may overwhelm the taste of the food or vice versa. Not only a temporary trend, craft beer in Vietnam is gradually attracting a certain number of customers, and at the same time forming a community of passionate and enthusiastic people for interesting creative work. This.


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