Discover 4 beautiful villages in Sapa

Discover 4 beautiful villages in Sapa


Somewhere in the villages in Sapa, visitors will always find amazingly beautiful pictures of nature or encounter the rustic and simple lifestyle of the local people, giving you endless inspiration. and indescribable emotions.

1. Ta Phin village

This is the place where the Red Dao ethnic people live, nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains.

Nestled in his sight, visitors can admire the majestic natural scenery. With attractive limestone mountains, wild, rustic scenes and beautiful terraced fields.

It is known that the cultural beauty of the indigenous people in this Sapa village is clearly displayed through many traditional activities such as Bai Tram dance, catching Baba, bell dancing, love singing, ….

2. Cat Cat village – The most beautiful village of Sapa

Cat Cat village is a long-standing place of the H’mong ethnic group. Visiting Cat Cat village, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the rustic and simple living lifestyle of local people, admire the beautiful natural scenery and discover many interesting things.

With wild but majestic and poetic nature, visitors will surely fall in love with the beautiful landscape painting in Cat Cat village at first sight. Wandering around Cat Cat village, you can also see beautiful small houses on the mountainside, naughty children playing.

3. Ta Van village

Ta Van is the strongest homestay development and has the most homestays for rent in Sapa. Visiting Ta Van, tourists can also stop here for lunch at local restaurants.

This village is located in a valley with Muong Hoa stream flowing through, the terraced fields here are also very beautiful. The scenery of Ta Van is dreamy and poetic, making many people fall in love. Every time we think of Ta Van village, we remember the beautiful terraced fields in the rainy season that sparkle like a giant mirror reflecting the scenery.

4. Ho village

Going through a 30 km long road to the southwest, visitors to Ho village will discover the quintessential beauty of harmony, converging from nature and people. Ho village promises to be one of the wonderful villages not to be missed in the journey to discover the villages around Sapa town.

Sapa tourists will be delighted to explore and conquer nature in this land. In particular, Ho village is known for its winding roads, undulating hills, soft streams, majestic waterfalls and diverse and rich vegetation.

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