Discover the benefits of sauna massage for the body

Discover the benefits of sauna massage for the body


Sauna massage is one of the best beauty care methods and also the best way to exercise muscles, enhance immunity, etc. So let’s find out what this method actually brings as well as what to keep in mind when massaging.

Who should not be massaged?

Although sauna massage is very good for the body, it still needs to be limited for some people.

– People with wounds on the body or infected festering or people with blood diseases or at risk of bleeding

People with severe heart disease, neurological disease, high blood pressure, brain, lung, liver, and kidney

People after bathing, vigorous exercise, drinking alcohol, having a high fever, or women during menstruation or pregnancy

People who have been ill for a long time are in poor health, as are those who are weak and weak.

What are the benefits of sauna massage?

Skin beauty

Thanks to the process of eliminating toxins in the body, sauna massage will help beautify the skin and make it more youthful, radiant, and acne-free. Besides, the massage and sauna also help to shorten the aging process, making you always feel energetic and beautiful.

Repel diseases

In addition to the beauty and relaxation effects on the bod, etc.y, the steam massage method also helps you to repel diseases effectiTypically,idiseases includeseases: muscle aches, joint pain, headaches… Therefore, this is a method actively applied by office workers to repel “occupational diseases”.

Help you sleep better

If you often have insomnia, instead of abusing sleeping pills or other drugs, you should apply massage and sauna methods. With this method, the nerves of the brain will be relaxed, reducing stress and fatigue and thereby helping you sleep better.

Helps to relax and reduce stress.

Saunas and massage are considered the best methods of stress relief and relaxation for the body. Because at this time, the muscles in the body are relaxed, they accelerate the elimination of toxins. In particular, during the massage process, you will be relaxed and reduce fatigue thanks to the impact of acupuncture points on the body. The process of a sauna will help eliminate toxins from the body through sweat.

When steamed or massaged, what issues should be kept in mind?

Because when you are steaming, the pores are dilated and the capillaries are dilated, if you take a shower right away, you will catch a cold because the blood vessels are in a dilated state, which can cause sudden vasoconstriction, which is detrimental to the body.

– For a massage procedure in which the technician stands on his back, using his toes to rub the vertebrae, a doctor’s consent is required before performing.

It should be noted that if you choose a sauna as a relaxation method, you should choose the right temperature for your body—just enough to make you sweat.

Do not use a sauna continuously during the week; you should only steam 1-2 times a week. The heat should not cause skin irritation. temperature  60 degrees C, each inhalation lasting 10–20 minutes.

Be a smart health care person!

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