Discover the culinary paradise in the misty land

Discover the culinary paradise in the misty land


Coming to Sapa, visitors must find it very difficult to find a place to rest and eat as they please. That’s why today I would like to introduce to you the ideal place to enjoy Halo Sa Restaurant.

HaloSa is an entertainment-resort complex that features a restaurant, spa, and lounge & cafe.Designed with a view that can cover the nature of Sapa, from valleys to mountains and even clouds. Ensure that here, diners can fully enjoy their meal in the spacious and airy space of the restaurant.

The highlight of Haloa is not only the beautiful view but also the quality of the food and the enthusiastic service of the staff.

Imagine that in a land surrounded by fog all year round, there is still a restaurant with a close but cozy space, ready to serve all kinds of delicious dishes from Asia to Europe, from simple to luxurious, from the familiar to the new.

Black chicken hot pot and salmon or sturgeon hot pot are two of the famous specialties in Sapa.

For first-time visitors to Sapa who are still wondering about which specialties to enjoy or worried about whether the taste of Northwest dishes will suit them, finding Halo Sa Restaurant is a pleasure. Very reasonable choice.

The dishes are close to all diners to satisfy every taste.

The restaurant will also provide and advise you on the right dishes to satisfy your taste. In addition, we recommend specialties that only Sapa has. Promising a nutritious meal with high aesthetics.

Visit Halosa at:

Hotline: 091286-9989

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