Discover the unique cuisine of ethnic minorities in Sapa

Discover the unique cuisine of ethnic minorities in Sapa


The delicious dishes Sapa just heard the name and has seen the stomach “burning” craving. There are also some names that look scary at first glance but are extremely “addictive”. If you have the opportunity to travel independently to this land of sunshine, flowers, and dew, do not forget to enjoy all 10 famous Sapa specialties listed below.

Sa Pa Salmon Sauce:

The dish is made from salmon raised in the land of Sa Pa. Salmon flesh is pink, chewy, firm, and naturally sweet. It would be great if, on your trip, you enjoyed this salmon broth. Food rich in nutritional value is good for health. Salmon dish has long been turned into a typical dish of the Northwest mountains that is both attractive and leaves a strong impression in the hearts of “domestic” and foreign “visitors”. Salmon fritters can also be a good choice when buying as gifts for relatives or friends.


Kitchen buffalo meat:

Referring to buffalo meat guarding the kitchen, a dish no longer new to the people of the Northwest Highlands The dish shows the culinary traditions of the people here. Kitchen buffalo meat has many different names, such as dried buffalo meat, smoked buffalo meat, or grilled buffalo meat. Buffalo meat can be marinated with spices according to a local recipe. Once fully seasoned, buffalo meat will be skewered on many sticks and hung up in the kitchen attic. This is also one of the unique features of Sapa cuisine. After about 8 to 10 months of hanging on the kitchen floor, buffalo meat can be eaten. At this time, the kitchen buffalo meat dish will be guaranteed not to be too dry and can be prepared in many ways. It can be cooked, sautéed, or stewed as you like. You can also shred the buffalo meat to enjoy.


Lam rice, Sapa culinary culture:

The specialty of the Northwest mountains is lam rice, my dear. Com lam is a special rice dish made from glutinous rice harvested from the terraced fields of the people here. Glutinous rice is soaked, washed, then put into small bamboo tubes and cooked. The way to make lam rice is not too fussy, but it is the culinary characteristic of the people here. Lam rice dish has a distinctive aroma, blending between the aroma of sticky rice and the smell of rice tubes made of bamboo. Lam rice, a specialty of Sapa cuisine, is especially delicious when served with sesame salt or grilled meats, leaving a deep impression on visitors to this place.


Grilled chicken with honey—Sapa culinary culture:

With the typical dish of the land of Sa Pa, when you only hear the name, you will specifically feel flutter and wish to come to the place to enjoy it.

A plate full of chicken has been cleaned and seasoned.Before grilling, people spread a thin layer of honey on the outside of the chicken. The chicken is grilled and has a very characteristic aroma, making many diners fascinated.

The honey-grilled chicken dish has just come out of the kitchen, still hot and fragrant. If it is served with salt, pepper, and lemon, it will be a wonderful experience for visitors to this mountainous region.


Armpit pig:

The name of the dish alone has immediately expressed the unique and very distinctive features of the culinary essence of the Sapa mountains. The reason why this dish is called “armpit pig” is because these are small pig owners, weighing only about 4kg to 6kg. Pork is processed into many easy dishes in different ways and flavors. Crispy grilled pork dishes always captivate tourists. In the cold weather of the mountains of Sa Pa, once setting foot here and sipping Sapa’s specialties, grilled armpit pork with a few glasses of local apple cider promises to be very warm and wonderful. great.

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