Discover the wonderful uses of Red Dao bath water

Discover the wonderful uses of Red Dao bath water


Sapa not only has immense hills, a clear nature, and a mild climate but also has extremely unique cultural features. One of them is the custom of bathing with medicinal leaves from the local people. The “specialty” medicine of the Red Dao people is a magical traditional bath remedy, cooked from herbs with healing and health care effects.

Information about bathing water among the Red Dao people

I don’t know when and where it started, but generations of Red Dao people here have passed on a wonderful traditional herbal bath that makes anyone who has ever experienced it fascinated and excited.

It can be said that bathing with medicinal leaves is one of the specialties of Sapa. This remedy to mix in the bath water originates from the Red Dao people, so people still call it Sapa red-knife bathing. This is an esoteric male remedy of the Dao people that only you can experience when you come to Sapa.

How is red knife bath water used?

This bath remedy must use many herbs. Usually, a small bath must have more than 10 types and more than 120 herbs. Depending on the type of herb, the processing method will be different; some are dried or roasted, while others must be left fresh.

Depending on the amount of bath water, local people will take more or less medicine. The medicine is boiled continuously for 3–4 hours, giving off a reddish-brown juice with a sweet aroma. Bath water must be kept at a temperature of 30 to 37 degrees Celsius to be effective.

After thorough cooking, the medicinal water is poured into a wooden tub. Guests just need to soak in the tub, relax their bodies, and enjoy the aroma of herbs.

Taking a bath with Sapa herbs helps you to relax your muscles and bones, circulate blood, detoxify the body, dispel fatigue, relieve joint pain, lower high blood pressure, and especially help with sedation and peace of mind. As for women in particular, taking a bath with medicinal leaves helps to detoxify, moisturize the skin, and make the skin whiter and more beautiful. Moreover, herbal baths are very good for postpartum women, helping to reduce postpartum stress.

Red Dao tobacco bath address

Today, the service of medicinal leaf bathing has become extremely popular in Sapa. There are many herbal bath establishments springing up in the town. Not only that, hotels and resorts have also provided this service for visitors.

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