Each dish is made with the passion and enthusiasm of the chef

Each dish is made with the passion and enthusiasm of the chef


“Cooking is about focusing; you need to learn the stillness in your soul like you are walking in a deserted forest, so that the new dish is cooked in the most delicate way” – Blumenthal

Each dish is the product of the chef’s passion, love, and enthusiasm. Chefs are not only cooks; they are also artisans in creating delicious, beautiful, and delicate dishes. In order to create a delicious dish, a chef must have knowledge of ingredients, preparation methods, cooking skills, creativity, and a sense of taste, aroma, and color of the ingredients in the dish. eat.

These factors are combined with the passion and enthusiasm of the chef, creating wonderful and unique dishes. Therefore, when enjoying a dish, we are also experiencing the efforts and enthusiasm of the chef in the process of creating that dish.


When coming to Sapa, don’t forget to visit Halosa. Our restaurant is confident in the attitude and quality of service toward food. With a chef of more than 20 years in the profession leading Sapa, Halosa Restaurant will bring exquisite, eye-catching dishes of excellent quality to the luxurious and classy space of the restaurant.

We put our whole heart into our dishes, putting our passion for cooking into our meals, so even though we have the newest reputation in Sapa, we have earned the trust of many tourists. From simple meals like home-cooked rice to hot pot dishes featuring Sapa specialties, Halosa Restaurant will surely make you satisfied and want to visit again soon.

Surely, the chef team at Halosa has been very passionate about the profession, so it has brought customers such precious and memorable experiences. Visit Halosa every time you have a chance to go to Sapa to play.

Visit Halosa at:

Fanpage:  https://www.facebook.com/halosasapa/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/halosavn
Hotline: 091286-9989

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