Emotional elevation with the culture of live music at Halosa lounge

Emotional elevation with the culture of live music at Halosa lounge


Leave behind all the worries and chaos of life, now is the time for us to seek a space where emotions can soar and hearts can be moved. And Halosa Lounge & Cafe is the place to make that happen.


Despite being recently opened, this place has quickly become a destination worth experiencing every time you visit Sapa. At Halosa Lounge & Cafe, you can relax in a wonderful space and enjoy the most attentive and professional care services.

This is also where music lovers meet and find harmony. Every weekend, Halosa Lounge & Cafe becomes more lively than ever thanks to the attention and love of the audience for the soulful performances presented by various bands and artists.


The vibrancy of the modern space heats up the gradually cooling atmosphere as night falls. And as the music plays, the distance between the performers and the audience is closer than ever, as we all blend together in emotion and rhythm.


Combined with music is a romantic and ethereal space, and the perfectly crafted cocktails will surely awaken unforgettable feelings of romance and passion.

We invite you to visit us at 63C Fansipan so that we can accompany you in moments of relaxation and emotional elevation

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