Enjoy food with bold flavors of traditional culture in Sapa

Enjoy food with bold flavors of traditional culture in Sapa


Come to Halo Sa Restaurant, where you can find the perfect combination of traditional and modern dishes. Entering the restaurant, visitors will have the feeling of being in harmony with the sky because this place is designed with a view that can cover the nature of Sapa.

Here, we take pride in providing our customers with dishes made with fresh and quality ingredients. With traditional dishes, we always keep the taste and traditional processing of each dish, giving you the experience of enjoying food at home.

Visitors also do not forget to enjoy delicious and attractive soup bowls with fresh seafood, or look for sturgeon hotpot which is a specialty of the Northwest mountainous region with rich flavor.

In particular, the salmon hotpot with salmon slices here is sliced evenly and extremely skillfully, then placed on a stone plate to ensure that the meat is always bright red; promises diners a complete meal.

Or if you are a fan of Western cuisine, try enjoying delicious pizzas, spaghetti, or steaks to every piece of meat. Besides, our restaurant also offers hot, full and rich hamburgers.

With a luxurious space and professional staff, we are committed to giving you a great culinary experience and meeting all the needs of our customers.

Visit Halosa at:

Fanpage:  https://www.facebook.com/halosasapa/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/halosavn
Hotline: 091286 9989

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