While Hanoi boasts 12 flower seasons, Sapa is certainly not behind at all, my friends. It must be said that when you come to Sapa, every month is always ablaze with vibrant flowers. Save this list to never miss a chance to check in with the “flower seasons” of this Northwestern region!

Months January-February: Blossoms Flower

The apricot and cherry blossom season in Sa Pa only lasts from the beginning of December until the end of January in the Gregorian calendar each year. As a result, many tourists choose to travel to Sa Pa during this time to have the opportunity to visit and enjoy the pure beauty and poetic scenery when apricot and cherry blossoms are in full bloom here.


The golden hours for enjoying dreamlike scenery are in the morning (around 6:30 AM – 8:00 AM) and in the afternoon (around 3:00 PM – 5:30 PM). During these times, the sunlight is just at the right angle for photography, not too dim and not too harsh.

Months March-April: Plum blossoms

Plum blossoms in Sapa usually bloom collectively from around March to April, marking the transition from spring to the approaching summer. During this time, birds chirp melodiously, morning dew glistens, and the gentle sunlight illuminates the gardens, creating a vibrant atmosphere. The plum blossoms start to bud and smile to welcome visiting guests.


If you travel during the plum blossom season in Sapa, you’ll easily come across rows of plum trees blooming in pure white along the sides of the roads, on hillsides, and nestled within the village clusters. From a distance, these plum trees resemble gigantic, beautiful cotton candy trees, adorned in pristine white, evoking a sense of awe and admiration as you gaze upon them.

Months May-June: Bistort Flowers

When talking about Sapa, tourists will immediately think of the breathtaking Northwestern flower seasons, each season featuring different types of flowers. June is the season of bistort flowers, also known as horse-tail flower, which stands out with its vibrant purple hue. The bistort flower season usually lasts for a few months, with the peak being in the area around the Fansipan cable car station.


Months July-August: Young Rice Season

In July and August, Sapa enters the young rice season, characterized by the lush green fields of young rice plants. This period is a time of vibrant growth and rejuvenation as the terraced fields are covered with the brilliant green of new rice shoots. It’s a picturesque sight that showcases the agricultural beauty of the region during these months.

Months September-October: Buckwheat Flowers

Buckwheat flowers have two blooming seasons each year, from March to April and from October to November. Therefore, tourists taking tours from Hanoi to Sapa have the opportunity to experience both buckwheat flower seasons within the same year.


Buckwheat flowers are particularly unique in that they exhibit different colors at each stage of their growth. When the flowers first bloom, you’ll see the fields covered in a delicate pale pink and white hue. Midway through the season, the color shifts to a soft blush pink, and by the end of the season, everything takes on a purple tint. Perhaps this is why this flower species has captivated so many tourists, inspiring them to come and experience the incredibly romantic fragrance and the splendid beauty of Sapa’s natural surroundings.

Months November-December: Cosmos Flowers

Standing amidst a forest of cosmos flowers with its poetic beauty, surrounded on all sides by mountains and forests, in the distance are winding roads that contribute to enhancing the allure and attraction of Sapa’s ancient rose garden tourist spot. If one finds themselves here, they will feel like a little princess wandering in a heavenly and enchanting landscape.


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