HALOSA – A new land, new experience in Sapa

HALOSA – A new land, new experience in Sapa


Many customers have shared with us that from the very first moment of meeting, they felt the name HALOSA was very endearing, intimate, youthful, and warm, like a welcoming greeting.

“HALO” in English means radiance, and “SA” in Sapa – a humble and quiet land but hiding the wonders of nature’s scenery.

HALOSA was born with the passion of the people of Sapa – those who always want to spread and promote the best cultural aspects of Sapa to friends both inside and outside the country. Therefore, HALOSA also means a friendly and hospitable greeting.

HALOSA is an entertainment – resort complex that includes services such as a restaurant, spa, and lounge & café with luxurious and classy serving standards but still close to nature and the sky.


Halosa restaurant confidently brings to tourists delicious dishes from Asia to Europe with the most experienced chefs. Immersed in a cozy atmosphere, the founders aim to provide customers with a great time with their loved ones.

Their 5-star Massage service offers an experience of bathing in herbal leaves while enjoying the view of the mountain forest. With a welcoming message from the meeting place of heaven and earth, HALOSA is proud to offer high-end health care services combined with traditional Sapa methods. Their products include familiar items such as bamboo and various herbsAfter relaxing with herbal treatments, visitors can also visit the 3rd floor to experience Halosa Lounge & Cafe. In that classic and sophisticated space, one can easily indulge in soft and gentle Jazz music, fully enjoying the relaxing moments of the weekend

You may have visited many places and experienced many different aspects of culture, but when you come here, HALOSA aims to provide a completely different experience that still embodies the spirit of “Sapa”.

This is the message that the HALOSA team wants to convey to its customers: New Land, New Experience – a new land, a new experience.

Visit HALOSA at:

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/halosasapa/

Hotline: 091286 9989

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