Halosa is an interesting entertainment place, especially in Sapa

Halosa is an interesting entertainment place, especially in Sapa


Located on Fansipan Street, which connects Sapa town and Cat Cat village, the Halosa Lounge & Cafe service complex is one of the ideal places to enjoy the feeling of immersing in the scenery of Sapa clouds and relaxing with services. top level.

The unique features of culture, specialties and people of the lyrical and poetic Sapa land are boldly imprinted in each product and service at Halosa, thereby bringing customers different experiences and perfect in every moment.


Your experience would not be complete without sublime moments at Halosa Lounge & Cafe. The dim romantic space, passionate music, special cocktails and music nights with many themes will help you awaken memorable, romantic, and lyrical emotions.

The 2nd floor balcony with a panoramic view of Heaven and Earth is also an ideal place to sip a glass of aperitif at sunset. This will definitely be a memorable experience for all visitors to Sapa.

In the space covered by soft light and modern design, combined with the soothing aroma of essential oils, you will have moments of peace and relaxation during your stay here.

Every weekend, Halosa Lounge & Cafe becomes busier than ever because of the attention and love of the audience for the quiet performances performed by bands and artists of different genres. variety of music.


The vibrancy of the modern space warms up the cold atmosphere as night falls. And when the music plays, the distance between the artist and the audience is drawn closer than ever, that’s when we all come together in harmony with the flow of emotions and rhythm. Combined with music is a dim romantic space and well-prepared cocktails will surely help you awaken memorable, romantic, and lyrical emotions.

Although it was launched not long ago, this place has become a destination worth experiencing every time you visit Sapa. Coming to Halosa Lounge&Cafe, you will relax in a great space and enjoy the most attentive and professional care services.

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