Halosa restaurant – the stopping point of happiness in Sapa

Halosa restaurant – the stopping point of happiness in Sapa


It’s perfect when going to Sapa to bring the whole family to Halosa restaurant for a warm dinner. In the luxurious and exquisite space, perhaps everyone will immerse themselves in this loving meal.


This is an Indochine-style restaurant – the first of its kind in Sapa. With a spacious and upscale space, you will be slightly overwhelmed by the beauty of Halosa restaurant. However, with the candles “flickering” on each table and the gentle scent of herbal essential oils “permeating” the space, it will make guests feel comfortable and closer to us. The luxurious, spacious, and modern space with a trendy and eye-catching color scheme at Halosa is where many hot hit in the social communicate photos are taken.


Our chef with over 20 years of experience – the most experienced in Sapa, will bring visually stunning and extremely high-quality dishes. Under the skillful hands of the chef, Halosa Restaurant believes that it will bring delicious dishes for you to have the best experience. The food is incredibly enticing and meticulously decorated by our chef. We are more than happy to serve you. Our dishes are made with all our heart and soul.


It can be said that Halosa Sapa restaurant is the happiest destination. For the whole family to enjoy a sparkling dinner under the dim yellow lights. Visit the Halosa complex and enjoy a memorable and unforgettable dinner in Sapa. In addition, Halosa’s staff are attentive, enthusiastic, and very open to customers. They dress quickly and meet the needs of customers. With all our dedication, Halosa Sapa brings customers an extremely experiential space with many choices.


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