Heal body and soul when coming to HALOSA Spa

Heal body and soul when coming to HALOSA Spa


Halosa is proud to bring high-class health care services combined with traditional methods of the Sapa people. With a unique view overlooking the clouds of Sapa while enjoying a massage, visitors to the resort can only find that opportunity in Halosa.

Entirely served by a team of highly trained professionals, we are proud to offer premium health care services combined with traditional methods of the Red Dao people in Sapa.

Facial skin care

Treatments for the face and neck. Care products have 100% natural extracts from grains and herbs. Helps to clean the skin, remove dead cells, massage movements help relax facial muscles, tighten skin to prevent acne and help clean, bright, smooth skin.

BodyWrap With Oat Milk or Coconut Body Wrap With Oat Milk or Coconut

Based on in-depth knowledge of the skin, oats, coconut rice combined with colostrum and cream after gentle heating will be a natural nutrient that helps balance moisture, protecting the skin from deep within. , slow down the skin aging process, balance pigmentation, make the skin bright and smooth with unexpected effects.

Foot Therapy: Foot Reflexology/ Massage, Foot Reflexology

Originating from the traditional Chinese healing philosophy, the treatment method by rubbing and pressing acupressure points on the soles of the feet helps to stimulate the nerves associated with the internal organs and different parts of the body to stimulate the healing process. source of pain recovery, creating a feeling of relaxation for body and mind

Halosa Signature Treatment/Massage Features Halosa

Selective and unique combination with a harmonious blend of several Asian and European Massage methods. Consisting of carefully calculated stroking, stretching, and meridian movements with the elbows and palms along with Sapa herbal application techniques, this therapy will ease stress and relieve aches and pains, helping you to feel better. rejuvenate and relax.

Visit Halosa at:

Fanpage:  https://www.facebook.com/halosasapa/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/halosavn
Hotline: 091286 9989

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