Herbal Bath of the Red Dao People in Sapa Compared to Modern Spa Therapies

Herbal Bath of the Red Dao People in Sapa Compared to Modern Spa Therapies


Bathing with Red Dao Leaves – Sapa is one of the special natural beauty methods that help you achieve a pure and consistently healthy appearance. However, to truly attain the desired effects, you must use pure, unprocessed leaves.

Red Dao Sapa herbal medicine – a precious masterpiece from nature

Bathing with herbal leaves is considered one of the unique aspects of Sapa’s culture and people. According to legends, the Dao people in Sapa often use various herbal leaves gathered from the forest to brew bathing water on the last clean day of the year to welcome the new year. Bathing or soaking feet in herbal leaf-infused water has the effect of treating various conditions such as low immunity, joint and bone pain, muscle fatigue, sciatica, colds, flu, stomach issues, skin conditions, coughs, back pain, liver pain, and more. Particularly, women who bathe with herbal leaves will have smooth skin and improved blood circulation


Skin-Friendly Approach

Originating from nature, red Dao leaves possess the ‘3 Nos’: no artificial colors, no artificial scents, making them suitable for various skin types, including sensitive skin. The greatest advantage of this natural beauty method compared to other approaches is its compatibility with a wide range of skin types and its absolute safety for the skin.

High effectiveness and long-term benefits of Red Dao People’s herbal bath in Sapa

While the Red Dao people in Ta Phin usually sun-dry and finely chop red Dao leaves, then boil them into a bathing solution for healing and skin care, at Sỏi Spa, to provide users with a fresh experience, the spa not only goes to great lengths to venture into the remote Northwest to find the finest herbs from this highland region but also integrates modern beauty technology to air-dry and preserve the best nourishing properties of these herbs



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