Revealing special types of essential oils at Halosa spa

Revealing special types of essential oils at Halosa spa


Halosa Spa takes pride in being a sanctuary of tranquility and rejuvenation, a place that harmoniously blends serenity with revitalization. One of the highlights of the spa is its collection of special types of essential oils. Let’s explore the wonders that these essential oils bring about.

Halosa Spa currently utilizes three types of essential oils:

  • Fruit Fragrance
  • Floral Fragrance
  • Herbal Fragrance

During the winter season, guests often opt for the Herbal Fragrance.

The Fruit Fragrance brings the atmosphere of summer: In the warmth of summer, guests prefer the gentle and sweet scents of fruit and flowers. As the sunlight warms Sapa, Halosa introduces fruit-scented essential oils, perfect for the summer season. Immerse yourself in the fresh aroma of ripe fruits, creating a gentle and sweet atmosphere. Ideal for dispelling the summer heat and blending into the ambiance of Sapa.

The elegance of Lavender Floral Fragrance:

Halosa’s lavender floral essential oil unveils a sophisticated fragrance with 14 types of flowers, including the pure scent of lavender. Gentle and enchanting, this essential oil captures the essence of the majestic nature in Sapa. Experience a sensory journey as the floral notes guide you into a world of relaxation.

Herbal Fragrance is a rather warm essential oil:

Primarily featuring earthy scents and the warm wood aroma of Sapa, this category includes cinnamon, sandalwood, and even herbal scents. Halosa’s therapy packages focus on muscle softening, making this type of essential oil relatively warm. The target audience includes older guests who prefer this warm essential oil for therapeutic purposes or those seeking muscle relaxation.

Indulge in the most pleasant experiences at Halosa Spa:

Embark on a journey of delightful sensory experiences as you visit Halosa Spa to unravel the secrets of these essential oils. Whether you seek the freshness of summer, the elegance of floral scents resembling a lively garden, or the warmth of herbal fragrances, Halosa Spa invites you to experience a new level of relaxation here.


HALOSA – New Land, New Experience

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