Sapa kicks off the Rose Festival and a series of exciting summer events

Sapa kicks off the Rose Festival and a series of exciting summer events


On the evening of March 3rd, at the central square of Sa Pa town, the People’s Committee of Sa Pa organized the opening ceremony of the 2023 Summer Festival, kicking off 15 exciting tourism, cultural, and sports programs and events, lasting from now until the end of June. This is also the opening program for a series of events commemorating 120 years of tourism in Sa Pa, taking place continuously throughout 2023.


On the opening night, thousands of tourists and locals gathered at the stage area to immerse themselves in the lively and captivating art performance imbued with the essence of the Northwest region. A youthful performance with famous songs by Sao Mai Kieu Dung, traditional dances of ethnic minority groups such as Dao and Giay were authentically and attractively presented, taking the audience through various emotions.

For those who have not attended the opening night, don’t be disappointed because the summer in Sa Pa welcomes you with a series of more exciting events and activities than ever before.

Fansipan Rose Festival and Street Festival

Highlight of this summer event series is the Rose Festival, organized by Sun World Fansipan Legend tourist area in the last week of April, extending until the holiday of April 30th – May 1st. Held for the first time in Sa Pa in 2022, the festival made a strong impression with its elaborate and mesmerizing displays. This year, the festival returns with grandeur and unique art performances, promising to bring unforgettable experiences to tourists in their journey of discovering Sa Pa’s summer.

Moreover, various central streets in the town will host a parade during this period. Dozens of creatively decorated vintage cars, electric bikes, and bicycles with fresh flowers, together with performances by local artists and actors, create an impressive blend of modernity and traditional culture, bringing forth romantic, mesmerizing, and lively ambiances. Especially in this year’s Rose Festival, couples can become main characters when chosen to sit on rose-adorned vehicles, celebrating beautiful love and capturing romantic moments.


The festival of Mau Son Temple, Upper Mau Temple, and Mau Fansipan

This year’s Mother Goddess Festival will be held from April 20th to 24th, 2023 at the Mau Son Temple, Upper Mau Temple, and other spiritual sites in the Fansipan area. The main activities include traditional folk ceremonies and offerings by neighborhoods in Sa Pa town, organizations, and units at the Upper Mau Temple; a procession from the Mau Son Temple to the Upper Mau Temple; the 3rd Practicing Ritual Festival of the Mother Goddess belief system, with the participation of the Vietnam Cultural Heritage Preservation and Research Center practicing the altars according to the belief of the Four Palaces.

This event promises to bring a new “spiritual food” to the people and tourists while contributing to the preservation and development of the unique cultural and belief values of the ethnic groups, especially the Mother Goddess belief system of the Three Palaces recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity in 2016.

The Horse Racing Season on the Clouds Returns

Held annually since 2018, the Horse Racing Season on the Clouds at Sun World Fansipan Legend has become a “brand” product and the reason why tourists must visit Sa Pa in the summer.

This year’s Horse Racing Season on the Clouds is scheduled to take place in June, with the participation of about 30 horses from Bac Ha, Simacai, Tuyen Quang, Bat Xat, and Lao Cai. Their race track can be called the “most romantic in Vietnam” around the valley of millions of blooming roses. Tourists will be captivated by the simplicity and grace of the “knights” who are ethnic people, leaving behind their daily agricultural work to gather here.


The highland horses are small but have extraordinary strength, from strange racing tracks to accelerating gallop, creating a "suffocating" competition. The harmonious sound of the bustling hooves, the strong voice of the jockeys, and the excited cheers will make visitors feel like entering a real Northwest festival. Since then, the tradition of horse racing - a characteristic cultural feature in Sapa from the last century that seemed to have disappeared is gradually revived, vibrant, new and more attractive, so that from here it will spread widely to tourists. domestic and foreign tourists, contributing to preserving the traditional values ​​of the Northwest.
The journey to discover Sa Pa still awaits visitors with a series of other attractive events such as the cultural festival of ethnic groups in Sa Pa town for the first time, the Sa Pa running race - The season of pouring water, the cultural festival. With a variety of activities to welcome summer, cool weather like winter in mid-summer, spectacular natural scenery equally poetic with colorful flowers, Sa Pa once again deserves the title of "capital capital" summer vacation" Northwest.

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