Sapa Lake

Sapa Lake


Around Sapa Lake, there are many other famous attractions that you can visit. Sun Plaza Sapa shopping center is a particularly special location. It is dubbed the “Paris intersection” in the magnificent Sapa sky. The building features luxurious French architecture and is located in a prime location that attracts many visitors, standing out amidst the rugged mountains and forests.

The story of building the lake and damming it:

According to the locals, the construction of Sapa Lake was difficult and costly. Over a decade ago, people discovered that the fresh, cool water flowing from Hoang Lien Son Mountain was suitable for building a lake. To attract tourism, the leaders of Sapa town decided to build a lake in the center of the town.

They planned out the design, built a surrounding embankment, and paved roads around the lake. However, a strange and unexpected incident occurred. When pouring concrete to dam the water, the concrete did not hold and flowed into deep caves, unable to hold the water.


The reason for this phenomenon is that Sapa is located at an altitude of 1650 meters above sea level, which is very high, resulting in many mountain caves. To succeed, one must use the alluvial soil from the Red River that has clay and sticky soil components that help retain water.

People have begun to beautify the landscape around the lake by planting willow trees that hang down into the lake, gardens with colorful flowers, and placing stone benches around the lake. When touring around, if tourists feel tired, they can sit and rest on the stone benches while enjoying the scenery.

The landscape around Sapa Lake:

In the summer, visitors can take a leisurely stroll around the lake, admire the hanging willow trees, breathe in the fresh air, and admire the many beautiful flowers.

You can also visit the cafes around the lake and enjoy the simplicity of this highland town. In the early morning or late afternoon, admire the thin mist covering the blue lake surface. Revel in the cold of the Sapa night. Breathe in the aroma of grilled street food like roasted sweet potatoes, grilled corn, roasted chestnuts… to bring you closer together.

Famous places near Sapa Lake:

There are many other famous places around Sapa Lake that you can visit. Sun Plaza Sapa Shopping Center is a very special destination. It is known as the luxurious Paris intersection amidst the majestic Sapa sky. The building is decorated in a luxurious French architectural style and is located in a prime location with many passersby.

With the dominant colors of emerald green and gold, along with many large glass doors, tourists feel as if they are lost in a city in Europe. Inspired by the Big Ben clock in England, the main gate is like a brilliant, elegant lantern.


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