Should I choose Sapa as a place to stay for Tet holiday?

Should I choose Sapa as a place to stay for Tet holiday?


Spring, summer, autumn, and winter, all four seasons in Sapa are beautiful. Especially in the spring, the city in the clouds wakes up more brightly and beautifully than ever. Owning a picture of a four-season landscape with spring color, the city of Sapa. Also has many traditional cultural festivals for tourists to experience and explore.

The month of brilliant flowers:

When it comes to spring in the Northwest, one cannot fail to mention cherry and apricot blossoms. The beauty of Sapa is like the blush of cherry and apricot blossoms, pink like the cheeks of a young girl. 


The city of cultural festivals:

Tet in Sapa would be incomplete without the sound of the horn. And flute accompanying the traditional dances and songs of the festivals. So, you should not miss these unique and distinctive festivals in Sapa during the spring season:

The Giay people often organize the Roong Pooc festival right in the Muong Hoa valley on the day of the Tiger, the first lunar month every year. The Mong people have the Gau Tao festival, which is held on the 11th day of the first lunar month, with the desire for blessings, peace, and luck to everyone in the family. 


Exploring the unique highland cuisine during Tet

Visiting Sapa during Tet not only allows you to immerse yourself in the diverse colors of nature and participate in unique festivals, but also provides an opportunity to savor the delicious cuisine of the Northwest region. If you are used to enjoying Tet with fatty meat, onion melon, and green banh chung, eating and drinking corn wine in Sapa is the best thing.


With its temperate climate and low water temperature, salmon has become one of the specialties in Sapa thanks to its firm flesh. There are many dishes that can be made from salmon such as sashimi, raw salad… especially must mention salmon hotpot. Dip a fresh piece of meat into the sweet and sour broth with a bit of fresh Northwest herbs, surely it will make you remember the taste of salmon in Sapa forever.


In addition, black chicken is also a tempting dish for Tet holiday. Black chicken is often known as “evil chicken”. The black chicken is quite small but firm, fragrant, and has high nutritional value, even considered as a medicinal herb in Eastern medicine. Black chicken is often prepared into delicious and attractive dishes such as black chicken hotpot, honey-grilled black chicken…

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