Spiritual tourism in Sapa

Spiritual tourism in Sapa


The Northwest Mountains not only have majestic nature but also have a unique religious culture. Therefore, visiting Sapa’s spiritual tourist sites has become an indispensable part of the trip to explore the Sapa – foggy town.

1. Temple of the Upper Thousand Thousand Sapa

The Mau Thuong Temple in Sapa worships Princess Lieu Hanh, one of the four immortals honored by the people according to the Vietnamese concept.

Stepping through the gate to the Mau Thuong Temple in Sapa, visitors will feel a very dignified and quiet atmosphere. With the faint scent of incense, we return to find peace in the soul.

Visit the traditional festivals at the Mau Thuong Temple in Sapa to learn more about the culture, history, and traditions.

2. Fansipan spiritual cultural complex

Going to Sapa in the early spring and ignoring the cultural and spiritual complex of Fansipan is indeed “at fault.” This spiritual cultural complex called Kim Son Bao Thang Tu was created magnificently on the top of the mountain, hidden in the clouds of Sa Pa like a fairyland.

Here you can learn about traditional culture and enjoy the panoramic view of Sapa from the top of Fansipan.

The architecture of Kim Son Bao Thang inherits the quintessence of the earliest wooden pagoda historical sites present in Vietnam.

3. Temple of Ong Hoang Bay, Lao Cai

Ong Hoang Bay Temple (also known as Bao Ha Temple) is a famous historical and cultural relic throughout the country, worshiping the God of the National Guard, Hoang Bay, who fought off the Northern invaders and protected life in the border areas.

The New Year’s holidays (January of the lunar calendar) and the death anniversary of General Hoang Bay (July 17 of the lunar calendar) are the most crowded times of the year. cfrom all over the world come here to pray for happiness and good fortune for a smooth year. As well as expressing respect and gratitude to the outstanding national hero.

4. Mau Son Temple

As a spiritual place to worship Princess Lieu Hanh, Mau Son Temple is located quite close to the center of Sa Pa town. With more than 200 years of history, the temple was built in the familiar architecture of Northern Buddhism.

With gratitude and respect, the people here consider Ba Chua Thuong Ngan as a mother who protects peace and prosperity.

On holidays and full moon days, the temple will become crowded and bustling with pilgrims coming to worship and pray for peace for their families and themselves.

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