The ideal place to hold events and birthdays in Sapa-Halosa

The ideal place to hold events and birthdays in Sapa-Halosa


It’s great to celebrate a birthday, celebrate a special occasion or simply enjoy a meal at a restaurant, because we bring a class of space, from the interior design to the colors of the place. are harmonious and always at the forefront of trends.


With a team of chefs who have many years of experience in Sapa, the restaurant is full of Asian and European dishes, especially delicious local dishes. Combined with a spacious, airy space with a view looking straight through the glass windows is the sky and clouds, making you feel comfortable in front of the green nature in the Northwest mountains. With the same view, when night comes, Halosa still lies quietly shining. Under the dim, shimmering lights, the whole space becomes more mysterious than ever, needing to be discovered by everyone.


With his enthusiasm, the chef at Halosa has carefully decorated each dish so that it is eye-catching, coupled with the quality of the dish, which is very suitable and full of flavor that makes your taste buds “remember to eat and remember. “. With more than 20 years of experience, the chef team at Halosa is confident that they will bring you memorable delicious dishes. From popular dishes to Western dishes, there are great choices for guests.


In addition to attractive dishes, drinks at our restaurant are also extremely diverse. The glasses of seasonal fruit juice in Sapa, help you cool down and are sweet to the tip of your tongue. The restaurant also has wines for you to choose from to suit your party.

The spacious space, warm color tone design of the whole room, leading the trend, make Halosa more and more popular with customers to organize important events or occasions. Whatever the date, we will still decorate according to the request of the desired guest. Come and experience the service!

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