The legend of Ham Rong Mountain – Sapa

The legend of Ham Rong Mountain – Sapa


Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa has a legend that is retold by people in the region as follows: Long ago, when this vast land was in chaos with all creatures living in mud and dirt. During the creation of the earth and sky, the Jade Emperor issued a decree: All surviving creatures in the muddy swamp must establish their own territories.

The legend of Ham Rong Mountain – Sapa: 

As soon as the decree was issued, all species scrambled to find a place to live. At that time, three dragon brothers were living in a large lake. Upon hearing the news, they looked towards the east, only to find that all the land had been taken. The three brothers then ran to the west, where they found a larger territory for themselves.

The two older brothers were strong and fast, so they arrived first and waited for their younger brother. However, the younger brother was weaker and slower, and could not see his brothers. He became lost in a crowd of fierce beasts such as lions and tigers, who were fighting for territory. Terrified by the sight, the younger brother trembled in fear, with his mouth open, ready to defend himself.

Just then, the Jade Emperor’s decree expired, and the body of the youngest dragon brother turned into a rocky mountain. Its shape had its head raised high, mouth open, and sharp teeth. The two older brothers also turned into stone, and their shapes remain to this day.

Nowadays, if one stands at Sau Chua (in Sa Pa commune) and observes, they will clearly see the shape of three small mountain ranges resembling three dragon siblings on the Can Hang mountain range. Two of the dragons face towards Lao Cai, representing the images of the two older dragon brothers. One faces towards the Hoang Lien Son range, representing the image of the younger dragon brother. The former location of the three dragon brothers’ lake, called “Pangl Kruôr” by the locals, is now known as Lam Duong.


The Legend of Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa:

To the locals, the legend of Ham Rong Mountain is like a true story, and it is revered as a god that helped create the Can Thang mountain range today. During the Tet holiday, elders and village leaders from the surrounding areas bring offerings to the dragon’s mouth to worship the Earth deity.

When visiting Sapa, tourists usually spend half a day exploring this mountain peak. The long stone stairs lead us into the spacious mountainous forest.

Along the way are beautiful swings for you to rest your feet. The orchid garden showcases various types of orchids gathered from the Hoang Lien Son mountain range.


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