The reasons why acne-prone skin persists.

The reasons why acne-prone skin persists.


The main causes of acne include: excessive sebum production, clogged pores due to oil and dead skin cells, bacterial infection, inflammation, improper skincare, and overuse of cosmetics.

1. Incorrect use of face towels:

Hanging face towels in the bathroom is one of the places where bacteria and mold can thrive if not washed and soaked properly. Regularly wiping your face with a contaminated towel can lead to acne, allergies, mold, and bacteria. That can cause various skin diseases, even skin cancer. To avoid the risk of acne breakouts when using face towels, it’s important to wash them regularly with warm saltwater or mild soap, then air dry them in a dry place to prevent mold growth.

2. Makeup:

Makeup is a popular beauty technique among women, especially when dealing with acne-prone skin, as we often tend to use makeup to cover up those spots. However, some key ingredients in cosmetics can clog pores, preventing the skin from breathing properly, which is why acne tends to come back. Cosmetics containing artificial colors and fragrances can lead to bacteria buildup on the skin’s surface, exacerbating acne outbreaks.

3. Unhealthy lifestyle:

Late nights, lack of sleep, constant stress, and anxiety can lead to the body producing androgens, cortisol, and steroids, stimulating sebaceous glands to produce more oil and promoting bacterial growth and activity. Therefore, it’s important to occasionally give yourself rest and relaxation to counteract these effects.

4. Dietary habits:

Take a closer look at your diet. You should know that sugar, fried and grilled foods, soft drinks, sweets, and starches are all factors that can contribute to acne. Avoiding these food components from your daily menu and replacing them with pure water to keep your body hydrated can also help alleviate acne.

5. Neglecting skincare:

Excessive sebum production can create an environment conducive to dirt and bacteria buildup. If we don’t cleanse our facial skin properly every day, this can lead to inflammation and the formation of red spots or even pustules. Additionally, habits like popping pimples or touching your face can exacerbate acne.

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