The secret to hunting clouds when visiting and traveling to Sapa

The secret to hunting clouds when visiting and traveling to Sapa


Sapa rattan hunting is a popular activity in the tourism world recently. The best time to go cloud hunting in Sapa is on chilly days. As a scenic spot located in the northwest of the S-shaped strip of land, Sapa is always immersed in a dense fog that makes us feel floating, creating a fanciful natural picture. Here, the climate is fresh and cool all year round, with an average temperature of 15-18°C.


1. “Golden” time to Hunt Clouds

Coming to Sapa, you can “hunt clouds” in all seasons of the year, but to have the most impressive moments when “hunting clouds”, the most ideal time is from November to March next year. Because during this time, the temperature is always low and the humidity is high, so the amount of clouds is often denser than other times of the year. However, every November and December every year, Sapa often has rains and is often covered by dense fog. The weather of Sa Pa from January to March every year will warm up, the spring rains and the first sunshine of the season and the sprouting young shoots always give everyone a feeling of refreshment and freshness. Therefore, this is a “golden” time for rattan hunting enthusiasts in Sapa in particular and in other localities of Lao Cai province in general.


2. Ideal location:

The ideal place to hunt clouds determines 80% of the success of your journey. These locations are usually at an altitude of 1700m or more to have a clear view and will not be affected by clouds. Many tourists choose rattan hunting spots with convenient roads and not too far from the center of Sa Pa town such as Fansipan, O Quy Ho pass peak, Ham Rong mountain … and follow us to explore those places. Please!

Fansipan Peak: Dubbed the “roof of Indochina” with an altitude of 3143m, Fansipan peak is an extremely familiar place to hunt clouds of the backpacking community. From October to the end of November every year is the most beautiful and floating cloud season on the top of Fansipan. Therefore, many tourists will choose this time to visit. The sea of white clouds floating hugging the top of Fansipan creates a beautiful scene like in a picture that will make you overwhelmed!


Ham Rong Peak: Not only is one of the most check-in tourist spots in the Northwest mountains, Ham Rong mountain is also a famous cloud hunting spot in Sapa tours. Ham Rong Peak is likened to a beautiful, fairy-tale scene in Sapa. With an altitude of 1800m, located right behind the stone house, visitors can easily move and hunt clouds at any time of the day, from dawn to dusk, the whole sea of clouds covers the city. lights up to create a scene that makes visitors excited.


Halosa Lounge&Cafe: Located in the newest and most luxurious Halosa complex in Sapa, a cool place with spacious space, making it easy for you to immerse yourself in the nature, sky, and mountains of the Northwest. Halosa Cafe has both outdoor and indoor space, meticulously decorated from scented candles, both delicate and close to tourists. Right here, just raise the camera and you can own “luxury – genuine” photos because Halosa has a great balcony view.


Sapa Sausage Village: As a rather poor place, many things are still undeveloped. Therefore, this place has a very wild and rustic landscape, about 17 minutes drive from Sapa town. The way to move from the town to the village is also quite simple, visitors just need to follow Dien Bien Phu street, towards Lao Cai city, at the location of the bridge 32, if you pay attention to turn in, you will immediately see the Sau village. Sour here. This place has extremely beautiful natural scenery with a cool atmosphere. Every morning, visitors will wake up to hear the birds chirping, breathing to inflate the chest of fresh air. Besides, visitors coming here will also enjoy local specialties and take many beautiful pictures.


Hang Da village: Also a place in Hau Chu Ngai village, Hau Thao commune. This is one of the poor villages here, very few people know about. This place also owns a very rustic natural landscape, Hang Da village has a unique beauty, intertwined between clouds and the sky and those rocks have strange shapes. Coming to this place, visitors will be free to swing their arms to breathe in the extremely green atmosphere.

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