The unique design of Halosa Lounge & Cafe

The unique design of Halosa Lounge & Cafe


Halosa Lounge & Cafe is located in a prime location at 63C Fansipan, Sapa – a beautiful hidden gem in the northern mountains of Vietnam. With its unique design and comfortable space, Halosa is sure to bring you a completely new and exciting coffee experience.

The indoor space is cozy, elegant, and luxurious.

Unlike following the “cloud hunting” trend or the typical traditional wooden house design of the Northwest region, Halosa Lounge & Cafe offers two distinct styles between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Inside, Halosa coffee shop features luxurious furnishings with darker tones, comfortable sofas, sparkling lights, and a small stage for customers to enjoy live music performances. This is a place where you can immerse yourself in a unique space, relax, and enjoy live music in Sapa. Additionally, the café also provides a variety of board games for groups of friends to enjoy.


The balcony is designed with a youthful vibe for those who love “cloud hunting.”

If you prefer an outdoor space, our spacious and airy balcony is the perfect choice. The contemporary and comfortable design of the balcony at Halosa will provide you with a relaxed feeling and allow you to breathe in the fresh air of the Northwest mountains. Especially on beautiful days, you have the opportunity to admire the sea of floating clouds beneath your feet, covering the Muong Hoa Valley. Additionally, sitting on Halosa’s balcony, you can also watch the Muong Hoa train pass by.


The opened bar with a variety of beverages.

The open bar design at Halosa Lounge & Cafe allows customers to easily chat with the bartender and watch him prepare drinks. Moreover, the café serves a diverse menu of beverages, ranging from tea, coffee, and fresh juices to various mocktails and cocktails, suitable for all ages. What could be better than immersing yourself in a space that is both romantic and majestic while enjoying drinks inspired by the scenery and culture of this place?


Come and experience the perfect combination of upscale space, youthful design, and unique location at Halosa Lounge & Cafe. We are committed to providing you with a memorable coffee experience in Sapa.


HALOSA – New Land, New Experience

⍟ 63C Fansipan – Sapa

• Hotline: +84 91 286 99 89

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