Tips for taking photos when coming to Sapa

Tips for taking photos when coming to Sapa


It is a pity to have come to Sapa without bringing back beautiful and sparkling virtual pictures. In fact, many women have difficulty standing in front of the camera because they are afraid of not knowing how to “pose”? Here are some basic tips to help you take good virtual live photos:


Photo background: You can use a hilly background to pose for a photo by simply standing in front of a hilly landscape to give the photo a bright feel.

Color: Sapa has a natural landscape with many different colors. Choose clothes with colors that match the scene, creating harmony and an impression.

Accessories: Use accessories such as wool coats, wool hats, scarves, or shoes to match your outfit.

Flash: When taking photos in the afternoon or at night, the flash can be used to create light, which makes the image clearer and sharper.

Location: An important factor is the shooting location. Sapa has many beautiful shooting angles; you just need to pose right at your resort to be able to produce satisfactory photos.


Visit HaloSa, the newest resort and entertainment complex in Sapa. With a luxurious style and a view that covers the whole scenery of Sapa, you will definitely bring back luxurious, genuine, and smooth photos. You just need to relax; the rest is taken care of!

Visit Halosa at:

Hotline: 091286-9989

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